Shuumtasu No Valkryie Chapter 75: The Strength of Selflessness! Death of Tesla? Plot & Publication Date

Beelzebub will get the chance to enjoy a life free of remorse after Tesla’s death in the impending battle!

The climax was as exciting as ever. A lot of people are looking at Tesla and Beelzebub as they cause mayhem in the arena. It’ll be fascinating to watch who triumphs, given that they’re both so committed to proving the supremacy of their own species. Fans, though, have begun to speculate that Tesla’s time on Earth is rapidly running out. If Mankind’s everlasting nature is what he claims, can science back him up? Here’s the lowdown on when you can expect to read Chapter 75 of Shuumtasu No Valkryie and what happens next in the story.

When Tesla returns to Shuumtasu No Valkryie, someone in the audience is sure to shout for him to demonstrate the power of science. Is he planning on pulling a fast one on us? Time will tell. But, he is very close to passing away and might die at any time. Tesla needs to find a means to escape from Beelzebub quickly, for time is running short. Stay with me, and I’ll tell you what happens next without spoiling anything!

Shuumtasu No Valkryie Chapter 75

Shuumtasu No Valkryie Chapter 75: What Happens Next?

When we next see Nikola Tesla in the Record of Ragnarok, he will be facing up against Beelzebub in Chapter 75. Whenever Beelzebub sees Tesla, he will mock him by questioning how the inventor can be so arrogant in the presence of his greatness. Tesla will retort that his brother’s legacy is proof enough that humans live forever.

It’s time to start fighting again, and this time neither side is going to hold back. Tesla plans to improvise weapons by drawing on his scientific expertise. Instead, Beelzebub will rely on his tremendous physical might. Neither combatant is likely to acquire a decisive advantage as the conflict progresses. Yet it looks like there’s still a chance for humankind and the Gods.

Shuumtasu No Valkryie Chapter 75

The only way to shine a light into Beelzebub’s dark soul may need Tesla’s selfless sacrifice. Beelzebub was plagued with regret ever since the loss of his one and only companion. Hence, he planned to use death as a means of atonement. But, Tesla will save him from the clutches of damnation. Fans may learn something from every conflict shown in Record Of Ragnarok (and for the Gods as well). This time, Tesla will also perish, but not before leaving Beelzebub with a life lesson that will change his outlook forever.

A Quick Summary!

Shuumtasu No Valkryie Chapter 74 was titled ‘The Feelings Which Connect Us’. Tesla was severely hurt by Beelzebub’s deadly strike, Void God: Chaos. Beelzebub’s right hand is used for aggressive purposes, while his left is used for defensive purposes, in this style. At any moment, he may pack it tight and set it off. Both Beelzebub and Nikola Tesla were able to escape the onslaught despite its devastating intensity.

Tesla had attacked with the explosion, sacrificing one of his coils in the process. After Tesla was finally defeated, Beelzebub began counting down. Nonetheless, Tesla maintained that human beings will never die out. Next, the chapter dove into Nikola Tesla’s history. That showed how much of an idol his brother Dane had become to him. To put it simply, he was a mechanical genius.

Shuumtasu No Valkryie Chapter 75

Dane had been working on an upgraded windmill at the request of a wise man. He passed unexpectedly, though, on a night when the storm was very severe. Nikola, not willing to see his brother’s efforts wasted, labored on the windmill for six long years to see it through. His faith in humanity’s immortality was strengthened by this success. There has been, and will be, further accumulation and development of scientific knowledge thanks to humanity. Tesla is now ready to demonstrate his argument once more by taking against Beelzebub in a battle to the death.

Shuumtasu No Valkryie Chapter 75: Publication Date

Those anticipating the next episode will be relieved to learn that they need wait no longer. The release date for Chapter 75 of Shuumtasu No Valkryie is set for February 25th, 2023. Nevertheless, the last episode is now available exclusively in Monthly Comic Zenon. It’s the same place where you may find the new chapter. Nevertheless, you can also read it on Viz Media. Keep coming back to this website for more updates.