Solo Leveling Episode 3 Release Date and Number Of Episodes

Solo Leveling Season 1 has just started airing and it is already breaking the Internet. The most awaited anime of 2024 has already created a huge and devoted fanbase. The story revolves around Jin Woo, who starts as a ranked hunter and faces raids. Continue reading for Solo Leveling episode release dates and number of episodes.

However, his life takes a turn when he enters a dungeon and gains incredible powers from an unknown System. With these abilities, he embarks on thrilling solo adventures. Quickly surpasses other hunters. One of his skills is being able to summon Shadow Soldiers from defeated monsters, which becomes crucial for his survival.

Along the way, Jin Woo must navigate through discrimination within the guild, uncover the secrets of the System, encounter both allies and rivals among ranking hunters, and unravel the mysteries surrounding the Shadow Monarch. As Jin Woo makes choices throughout this journey it blurs the line, between him being a hero or a potential threat while also shaping humanity’s destiny.

Fans want to know how many episodes will be there in the series and when each episode is going to air. In this article, we’ll focus on Solo Leveling Episode Guide, and we will also take a look at Solo Leveling Episode 3.

Solo Leveling Episode 3 Release Date and Anime Watch Order

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Number Of Episodes In Solo Leveling Season 1

The first season of Solo Leveling is set to have a total of 12 episodes, which might come as a surprise to fans who were expecting 24 episodes.

Official sources have confirmed that the series will premiere in Japan on networks such as Tokyo MX, GYT, GTV, BS11, CBC, and YTV. International viewers can catch the episode on Crunchyroll with a one-hour delay. Medialink holds the broadcasting rights in China and subscriptions are required for access, to all streaming platforms.Here is the Release Date Of All The Episodes

Solo Leveling Episode Release Dates

January 6Episode 1
January 13Episode 2
January 20Episode 3
January 27Episode 4
February 3Episode 5
February 10Episode 6
February 17Episode 7
February 24Episode 8
March 2Episode 9
March 9Episode 10
March 16Episode 11
March 23Episode 12

Solo Leveling Episode 1 and 2 Review

Episode 1

Sung Jinwoo, a hunter, with the rank, decides to join a dungeon raid despite his reputation for taking on tasks. However, he faces danger when his knife breaks during an encounter. In a stroke of luck, Sung discovers an essence stone. Things take a turn for the worse when the group uncovers a passage. Driven by his sense of responsibility towards his family Sung votes in favour of proceeding.

Meanwhile, Cha Hae, a hunter with the rank foils an attempt by a thief to snatch her purse. As they delve deeper into the dungeon’s depths the hunters stumble upon a chamber filled with intimidating statues. Trapped and facing an attack, Sung relies on his survival instincts to save one of his comrades but realizes that their own lives are at stake. The unfolding crisis only grows more intense as they navigate through the labyrinth.

Episode 2

In the situation, within the dungeon, Song Chi Yul suffers an injury losing one of his arms while Jin Woo discovers that interacting with the musical statues can influence the attacks. In an attempt to rescue Joo Hee Jin Woo himself loses one of his legs. As the dungeon approaches a point an Alter entity emerges. When six players gather together they come to realize that one person can escape, leading others to abandon Jin Woo.

The statues relentlessly assault him. Just as he is on the brink of death Jin Woo unexpectedly receives a notification that resembles reality and decides to become a player. This episode delves into the mysteries of the dungeon unveiling its distinctive rules.

It sheds light on both the time limit and the looming danger of a dungeon breakage. The captain acknowledges an error in dispatching hunters to confront potentially high-level threats like A or S-rank dungeons. Throughout this episode, viewers are treated to a pace of stunning animation sequences and a raw portrayal of survival which all contribute to making it a captivating continuation, of the first episode.

Episodes 1 and 2 both have given the anime a great start leaving viewers wanting for more. The anime follows the Manhwa in order without making any significant changes to the anime.

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Solo Leveling Episode 3 Release Date

Fans are eagerly anticipating the release of the episode after enjoying the episode. Solo Leveling Episode 3 is scheduled to premiere on January 20, 2024.

In Japan, it will be broadcast at 12 AM JST on Tokyo MX and other channels. International viewers can catch it on Crunchyroll at 7 AM PT on the day. Although the exact release time hasn’t been officially announced yet, Crunchyroll typically releases episodes around 1;00 PM Eastern Time (ET).

Before diving into the installment make sure to recap Episode 2 and don’t miss out on Solo Leveling Episode 3!

Solo Leveling will be airing till March and will have a total of 12 Episodes. Also, fans need to wait for a week until they can watch Episode 3. However, fans can go for the manhwa but it might ruin fun for some of the fans. For more amazing anime content make sure to visit Orianime.