Souma’s Clumsiness Revealed in New Video of ‘Play it Cool, Guys’

Looks are often deceiving, and that statement holds for all four protagonists in the ‘Play It Cool, Guys’ anime.

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It follows the four supposedly cool guys who, in reality, are the clumsiest people you will ever see. Hayate, Shun, Takayuki, and Souma are tied by the fate of the klutz and eventually form close bonds based on mutual experiences.

Although all of them are the same level of clumsy, they do have varying personalities.

The latest promo video for the ‘Play It Cool, Guys’ anime focuses on Souma, who takes his blunders positively (way too positively, if you ask me).

Unlike Hayate, who overthinks all of his mistakes, Souma is the kind who accepts them and laughs them off. Like that, Souma’s habit has gotten to a point where he can’t help but giggle or grin over all his slip-ups.

Souma’s clumsiness goes from wearing mismatched socks to forgetting his camera at a random park bench. If that wasn’t enough, this guy once packed a lunch full of side dishes for his brothers and accidentally took the one with the rice for himself.

Moreover, the official website has also revealed a key visual of Souma wearing different colored socks without realizing it.

Souma cool Doji visual release 

Released a cool, silly visual depicting a scene where Soma tries to go out while wearing socks with different patterns on the left and right.

I can imagine Soma laughing when he realizes

The TV anime will start broadcasting on TV Tokyo, AT-X, etc. from October 2022

#cool bumbling boy

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‘Play It Cool, Guys’ Teases the Cute but Klutzy Hayate in Latest Trailer

Shōya Chiba has been cast to play Souma in the anime. Chiba has previously voiced Kiyotaka Ayanokōji in Classroom of the Elite, Makio Tanihara in Horimiya, and Yu in Fire Force.

The anime is slated for an October 2022 premiere, so don’t forget to add it to your watchlist.

About Play It Cool, Guys

Play It Cool, Guys is a web manga series by Kotone Nata. Its serialization started in 2019, and the series will receive an anime in 2022.

Play It Cool, Guys focuses on four handsome but equally clumsy men who provide laughter through their behaviors. They try their hardest to look cool, but it’s hard to do that when they keep repeating a variety of clumsy errors every day.


Source: Play It Cool, Guys Anime’s Official Website

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