Spy X Family Chapter 75: Postpone! Potentials of Anya! Publication Date

Many viewers of the Spy X Family anime have turned to the manga to find out what happens next after the first season concluded. The Red Circus storyline has been developed in the most recent chapters. Fans are eager to see how Anya and her parents handle the situation now that the Red Circus storyline has concluded in Spy X Family Chapter 75. Anya’s abilities to manipulate others were further highlighted in the last chapter. It’s exciting to think of the possibilities they present for her future. Would you want to know what happens next? If that is the case, read on.

A fresh plot thread will be investigated in chapter 75. It will concentrate only on Anya’s parents and their reactions to the revelations of the Field Trip and the deterioration of the situation during the Red Circus arc. In addition, the benefits of Anya’s powers are discussed in further depth in Chapter 75 of Spy X Family.

Spy X Family Chapter 75

Spy X Family Chapter 75: What Happens Next?

Yor and Loid’s reactions to this tragedy may be the topic of the next chapter. Even though Anya was saved by Martha from Vadim on the Field Trip, her parents still had no idea what had happened to her. Her parents, upon learning this, will undoubtedly do all in their power to shield Anya from the world. But it is necessary to make them aware of her skill.

Under Twilight’s tutelage, Anya’s capacity to control human emotions will develop further. This chapter alludes to Anya’s eventual introduction to the espionage world in Spy X Family Chapter 75. With the shocking conclusion to the Red Circus arc, the next volume of the manga will usher in a new reality where Anya can get insight into her personality.

Spy X Family Chapter 75

A Quick Summary!

When Anya didn’t come back from the field trip, Yor seemed concerned in Chapter 74 of Spy X Family. She initially phoned Eden Academy to inquire about the trip, only to find out that it would take much longer than expected. When she phoned another parent, however, she learned that the Field Trip had been canceled and that the kids were already back at home. SSS appeared ready to kill everyone on the first bus if it furthered their agenda. Whereas Anya, to everyone’s surprise, got up out of her chair. They were curious as to the troops’ next steps following Anya’s intervention. However, it looked like no one was in on her scheme. She lied and said she was Biddy to get some food.

Her strategy to aggravate Billy was a success. After Billy expressed his frustration, Anya echoed his same remarks. Billy, irritated by Anya’s presence, unclipped her from her collar and set her free. Anya soon learned that he would wait to be cruel to her until the bus had left. Then, to Billy’s astonishment, she stood firm and refused to exit the bus. But the reality was quite different from what he had assumed. All those kids, he reasoned, must not be eating well at home if they’re so determined to be with them.

Spy X Family Chapter 75

Spy X Family Chapter 75: Publication Date

As for the fans, they’ll have to wait a while longer to find out what happens next. The manga has temporarily suspended publication and will resume next month. The release date for Chapter 75 of Spy X Family is set for February 5, 2023 at 12:00 AM. Shonen Jump, Viz Media, and MangaPlus all carry it.