Spy X Family Chapter 76: The Following Objective! Publication Date

In terms of weekly releases, Spy X Family Chapter 76 is next up. The new one is being released without a pause, which is wonderful news. The four children were recognized for their bravery in the previous chapter. This necessitated inviting their respective parents to the ceremony. The following one will illustrate how Damian’s mom feels about all that has happened. Hence, I have included all the information you will want concerning the new one.

The upcoming one will show Damian effectively handling everything. His mom seems like the type that has conflicted feelings about having a kid. She feels mixed emotions about Damian.

Spy X Family Chapter 76

Spy X Family Chapter 76: What Happens Next?

The new chapter’s title and narrative information have not yet been revealed. And this is quite unusual for SXF. The final scene of the previous excursion revealed a whole new aspect of Damian’s mother to the audience. Among her opinions were some that were refreshingly genuine and others that were very repulsive. The woman’s late entrance revealed her plan to skip the wedding because of her husband. Something about the man made her stop communicating with her own kid.

But now Yor and Anya have witnessed this aspect of the lady as well. Thus, now that you know her Achilles’ heel, how you and she respond in the end will be quite interesting to see unfold. Perhaps this will also serve as a doorway into Damian’s dad’s past.

Spy X Family Chapter 76

Previous Chapter Summary!

A bishop is seen in the beginning of Chapter 75 Spy X Family, as he is observing the proceedings from the schoolyard. In the wake of the terrorist assault, he came to recognize the four pupils who exhibited the uttermost bravery. Anya Forger, Becky Blackbell, Damian Desmond, and Bill Watkins made it to the final round of voting. They were all given their own own Stella star. The youngsters were also able to meet both sets of parents. And as a consequence, their parents were quite pleased with how their children competed in the games.

Interesting, though, was the absence of Damian and Anya’s parents at the ceremony. Anya moved up to the boy to talk to him, but just then Yor came racing in to save her daughter. This was also the first time the child had seen his mother. They were both sad that they had to be late to the event. Towards the end of the chapter, Damian’s mother had some pretty perplexing ideas.

Spy X Family Chapter 76

Spy X Family Chapter 76: Publication Date

The crisis has passed, and with it, the need for cleanup. When will Anya and her loved ones be able to relax a bit? Overall, there is no lull in service before the next one is released. Thus, this weekend will see the release of Please Go Home Akutsu-San Chapter 133. As a result, the official release date is set for February 20th, 2023. The only places to read the latest chapters of the manga are Viz Media, MangaPlus, and Shonen’s official websites.