Starfield fans complaint about loading screens amidst review bombing

Starfield is Bethesda’s first new IP in over 25 years. A game that has been developing for quite a while and was called “Skyrim in Space” by Bethesda Director Todd Howard.

There has been a mixed reaction to Starfield, as with any other RPG title. Some fans complained of inventory incumbrance, while others lauded how expansive the title feels.

Amidst this, Starfield players increasingly feel like there are too many loading screens when players are traveling, even when they are getting in the elevator. This is hampering the game’s immersion, with many fans unhappy about this as they spend more time in-game.

One fan on Reddit complained how Starfield feels like “it has regressed from other Bethesda games.” The game made the player feel like Starfield is handling the maps worse than Skyrim or Fallout, with the game feeling like “a constant stream of teleporting.”

This makes the game feel linear and restricted, almost like a single-player game. Many fans agreed with this observation. One user, u/una322, said that despite the game being so open along with so many options to travel, there is so little substance in the game. 

Starfield feels like it’s regressed from other Bethesda games
byu/No-Dust-2105 inStarfield

Another user, u/unfazedwolf, said that Starfield’s concept of space travel is just “an illusion of flight.” The planets do not seem to be moving when players fly in-game.

Despite all of this, a part of the fan base is loyal to the RPG title, claiming that being a true RPG, it requires some time to burn in.

This is not the only front Starfield is struggling with. The title is being review-bombed on Metacritic, hampering its overwhelmingly positive review.

The major complaint is that Bethesda claimed that Starfield would feature a substantial explorable galaxy. Many fans have given the title a score of one or zero, citing traveling as the significant issue with Starfield.

Despite all these issues, Starfield boasts over six million players and over one million concurrent players across all platforms. The title has also increased Xbox Series X sales, making it hugely profitable. It is hoped that Bethesda will address these minor traveling issues soon.

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About Starfield

Starfield is an upcoming space exploration game being developed by the popular video game company, Bethesda. The game’s teaser launched in 2018, while the gameplay trailer came out in 2022.

Starfield will take players to the deepest depth of space. Being a Sci-Fi game, one can expect it to be brimming with stupendous weapons and supersonic spacecraft while offering a magical tone that is enough to get lost in.

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