Strategies For Getting People To Watch “Attack on Titan”

Want to convert someone to the Attack on Titan faith? Don’t worry; I’ll provide you with the ideal bait to bring them in.

You may convince someone to watch Attack on Titan by praising the show’s fantastic world-building, well-developed characters, and complex plot. The music in this movie is so beautiful that it will probably convince you to watch it all by itself. Attack on Titan continues to improve with each each season, reaching new heights without the use of filler, fanservice, or story flaws.

Everything you need to know to get anyone interested in this masterpiece, anime lover or not, is right here.

Step 1: Use Marketing to Convince People

The influence of Attack on Titan on the anime fan community can be seen in the numerous fan theories, cosplays, memes, and more that have been created in its wake. We can all agree that Attack on Titan is an incredible work of art that ranks high among the best anime ever made.

Erwin meme
Erwin meme

Step 2: Gently Serenade Them with Some German Music

Attack on Titan’s music is a masterwork that adds additional dimensions to the plot. Everything from the eerie beauty of the opening theme to the tense hammering of the combat music is expertly composed to set the mood and heighten the suspense.

The music will have an impact whether you’re viewing a tense fighting scenario or a reflective time.

Step 3: Pique Their Interest in the Narrative

You can never predict what twists and turns Attack on Titan will throw at you.

Every story has something that will leave you unable to articulate your thoughts and feelings, whether it’s a surprising discovery, a dramatic struggle, or an unexpected narrative twist. Each episode is full of shocks and excitement thanks to the series’ brilliantly created tension and suspense.


Step 4: Make Them Care About Levi

When you meet Levi, you’ll be thinking, “Yup, he’s my new fave!” before you ever realize what’s happening. Levi has all the makings of a real fan-favorite, from his poker face looks to his sardonic wit to his unshakeable loyalty to his squad.

Levi cleaning
Levi cleaning

Once Levi’s “baiting” role is complete, the “main event” may begin.

I. This Storytelling Based On Interesting Characters

While the protagonist is important, he or she is not the only one who helps make Attack on Titan successful. Instead, the series is focused on its characters, each of whom has their own backstory that advances the plot. The story’s charm and interest remain undimmed even if the protagonist is having a bad day.

Step 5: Snare Them with Some Delicious Sakuga

Attack on Titan is an absolute visual feast thanks to its top-notch animation and breathtaking action sequences. The intensity and confusion of the world are vividly shown in the artwork, making the narrative come to life.


Step 6: You Should Take Pride in Yourself

That’s all you need for your high and just purpose. The only down side to making someone watch Attack on Titan is that it will permanently elevate their standards for media in general.

I have no doubt that, after they’re through, they, too, will be shouting “Sasageyo Sasageyo,” along with the rest of us. In addition, I’d appreciate it if you could ask them to avoid the real thing.

Attack on Titan

Hajime Isayama created the manga series Attack on Titan, which is set in Japan. Kodansha’s Bessatsu Shonen Magazine is where you may find it.

The serialization of the manga began on September 9, 2009, and continued until April 9, 2021. There are 34 volumes of it.

In Attack on Titan, humans have constructed three ring walls around themselves for protection against the fearsome titans that feed upon them. Eren Yeager, a young child, compares his current situation to that of livestock and hopes to one day join the Survey Corps, his heroes, and travel outside the gates. When a dangerous Titan finally makes their appearance, havoc breaks out.