Strongest World Government Members In One Piece

Here is everything you need to know about the strongest World Government members in One Piece.


Stussy first appeared during the Whole Cake Island arc. She has incredible infiltrating skills, pretending to be an underworld businesswoman to cover her work as a secret agent of CP0. She appears to be a polite woman, but in truth, she has a sadistic side.

A masked agent of the organization, Stussy is a rather powerful fighter who has mastered the Rokushiki and can even use advanced versions of various techniques, such as the Shigan. She can also use Armament and Observation Haki.

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Maha is a CP0 masked agent. During the Wano Arc, he and his colleague Guernica easily defeated the Minks warriors, who tried to stop them in their mission to capture Nico Robin. The two assassins then confronted X Drake and Apoo, who had temporarily joined forces against them.

However, Apoo left, and Drake as well as Zanki, one of the ancient giants called “Numbers”, were defeated by the two agents. They were later challenged by Izo, the former commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. The battle ended in a mutual knockout between Izo and Maha.


Gismonda is a masked agent of CP0, meaning that he is one of the strongest agents in the organization. As such, he is a master assassin and Rokushiki user. During the Levely, Gismonda assisted Lucci, Kaku, and Stussy.

Together with his colleagues Maha and Guernica, he tried to dismiss the previously reported revocation of Doflamingo from the Seven Warlords as a printing mistake for Dressrosa’s population. They also insisted that everyone should remain quiet.


A member of the Long-Arm tribe, Joseph is a CP0 masked agent. He monitored the battle in Wano alongside his colleagues, Maha and Guernica. He later mourned Guernica’s sacrifice, acknowledging that his mission to interfere in the fight between Luffy and Kaido was a suicidal one.

Joseph’s true fighting abilities are yet to be revealed. Being a masked agent, he is among the top operatives of CP0, meaning that he is a master assassin and Rokushiki user. He appeared to be completely unharmed even after being shot in the head by shogun Orochi Kurozumi.

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Before the time skips, Kalifa was a member of CP9. Acting as her secretary, she infiltrated Iceburg’s office. Kalifa first fought against Sanji, defeating him due to his weakness towards women. She later faced Nami but lost against her after becoming overconfident.

Kalifa’s fighting style is based on Rokushiki, as well as the usage of kicks and a spiked whip. She ate the Bubble-Bubble Fruit, which allows her to create and control soap bubbles to clean anything, even the strength of her opponents, who are then rendered incapable of moving.