Telework Yotabanashi Chapter 15: Let’s Talk! Publication Date & Plot

Telework Yotabanashi is one of the manga series that has overshadowed more well-known works. Finally, Chapter 15 of Telework Yotabanashi is scheduled to be released within the following week. In the last chapter, readers finally got the kiss they had been waiting for between the two protagonists. Right now, they’re having an honest conversation about how they feel about each other. But can they really live a happy life together? Find out all you need to know about the latest version right here.

In the upcoming plot, readers will learn about all the different methods Izumi tries to reconnect with Natsu-san. Do we expect a union between them? Hopefully, the manga will reveal the solution to that question in the future.

Telework Yotabanashi Chapter 15

Telework Yotabanashi Chapter 15: What Happens Next?

Every new chapter requires a fresh set of corrections. Kissing was the focus of their last date. Yet, they didn’t discuss the issue with one another. Even the last time, Izumi appeared perplexed. He had no clue what had prompted Natsu-affection san’s for him. The girl admitted that she lagged well behind the pack.

It seemed like everyone she knew had uprooted themselves and moved to a major metropolitan area to bask in the glories of modern life. But here she was, stuck in town, holding down a menial job. While the two kissed, though, Natsu undoubtedly felt different and lighter. Chapter 15 of Telework Yotabanashi will begin with a conversation between the two main characters. Izumi plans to broach the subject of a potential romance between them this time around. I wonder what she’ll tell him when he asks her questions.

Telework Yotabanashi Chapter 15

Previous Chapter Summary!

Telework Yotabanashi 14 opens with a scene of Izumi visiting Nokoru at her residence. The young lady was more attired than normal. She was inquiring as to where the Great Academic Gathering will be held. The woman, though, appeared to be exhausted as she made her way home. Thus, she approaches Nokoru with a request to sleep on his bed. Obviously, he couldn’t say no to this. Something about progressing forward came out of her mouth.

It looked like everyone else in the area was making progress, but she wasn’t even on the road. Some time later, the young man began explaining to her the details of a computer software he had written. Izumi gave him a passionate kiss just when he started talking. Nokoru lost her scarf at his place, and at the end of the chapter, she heads back home to get it.

Telework Yotabanashi Chapter 15

Telework Yotabanashi Chapter 15: Publication Date

A long period passes before the next one is released. Hence, it may be a while before the next one is out for fans to catch up. After a week’s hiatus, Chapter 15 of Telework Yotabanashi will be released. The upcoming chapter will be released in its entirety on March 1st, 2023. Only on the official Comic Days sites can you get the latest manga chapters.