The Fallout from Ricochet and Logan Paul’s Epic Prank at MITB 2023

At WWE’s Money in the Bank 2023 event, seven superstars competed in a ladder match for the briefcase, which was filled of surprises, shocks, and stunts.

The high-flying superstar Ricochet was there, as was the social media phenomenon Logan Paul, who made his WWE debut earlier this year.

A cricket bat, a table, and a ladder were all employed as weapons throughout the match.

The most incredible moment, though, was when Ricochet hit a Spanish Fly on Logan Paul from the top rope through two tables.There was an uproar of “holy sh*t” chants and applause from the crowd as the two competitors lay unmoving on the ground.

Wrestlers who attempt the Spanish Fly risk landing on their backs in midair. Any inaccuracy in timing or synchronization greatly increases the risk of serious harm.

Taking the bump was a huge risk for Logan Paul, who is not trained in wrestling despite Ricochet’s reputation for aerial prowess.

Although Ricochet had to be carried away in a stretcher, Logan was able to get up and resume the battle.

Ricochet, who sources say got a concussion and some bruised ribs in the act, should be OK soon.Although he has not yet been given the green light to compete, he is working hard to get well so that he can challenge Paul for the MITB briefcase at SummerSlam.

Logan Paul posted photos of his ribs and back on social media after the incident to boast about his injuries.

Despite the obvious discomfort, Logan appears to be relishing the challenge.

The match finished after Damian Priest struck LA Knight with a Broken Arrow from a ladder, earning him the briefcase. Within the next 12 months, Priest will have the ability to contend for any WWE title he wants.

Ricochet and Logan Paul will remember this night for the rest of their lives.They risked their lives to do the most spectacular stunt in WWE history: a Spanish Fly off the top rope through two tables.They were praised for their daring and talent by the crowds and their contemporaries.

Although Ricochet and Logan Paul did not take home the briefcase, they did secure something far more valuable: an enduring legacy.



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