The Melancholy Of The Ayakashi Medium Is Featured In Ayakashi Triangle Episode 4! Release Information

Ayakashi king Shirogane was attempted to be killed by another exorcist ninja who was first introduced in the previous episode. Shirogane, who wished to consume Suzu, first appeared as the largest threat at the beginning of the series. But the revelation in the third episode made everything different. Shirogane must now figure out how to defend himself from the impending danger because he is currently defenseless. The fourth episode of Ayakashi Triangle will focus on the fresh mystery that the plot twist swiftly introduced. Let’s see how things develop from here.

The fourth episode will be devoted to Matsuri’s daring action. He’s attempting to keep Shirogane away from Suzu. But things will suddenly change. This is due to the fact that other clan members will intrude on Suzu’s home and murder the Ayakashi. Matsuri must now defend the two of them. in order for him to revert to his original shape. Yet can he? We’ll see.

Ayakashi TriangleEpisode 4 Of The Ayakashi Triangle: What Will Come Next?

Shirogane is attacked by Ninokuro Soga, and Matsuri discovers that further exorcists might show up to murder Shirogane. The reason for this is that since he can no longer change back into his previous shape, it is now simpler to kill him. But for Matsuri to revert to his former form, he must safeguard both Suzu and Shirogane. There are clues in the following episode, “The Melancholy Of The Ayakashi Medium,” that Matsuri will start paying close attention.

Shirogane will also discover more clans. But all the while, his relationship with Suzu gets stronger. The weird figure presented in the last episode will also be revealed to the audience. The person appears to be connected to Matsuri’s earlier life. While Matsuri strives to free Shirogane from the Ayakashi medium, further flashbacks will probably be investigated.

Ayakashi TriangleA Brief Recap

Suzu previously sought to make friends with Shirogane in Ayakashi Triangle Episode 3. He attempted to steal the scroll from Matsuri while she was fast asleep since he was interested in consuming her. Suzu, however, intervened and warned him to act like a good pet. But he retorted that he wasn’t a pet and that when he changed back into his original form, he would eat her. Suzu checked in with Shirogane the next day, who made fun of her and called her lucky. Shirogane and Suzu’s grandfather afterwards spoke. Matsuri had now taken over the family exorcism business, according to the grandfather, who was now left to play video games and watch idol movies.

Later, Shirogane praised Matsuri’s femininity, and the audience witnessed some tense scenes. But when Matsuri made him dinner, Shirogane showed surprise. But the food was awful, and the grouchy cat complained. Shirogane told him to stay cool since he would soon eat Suzu despite Suzu’s efforts to do so. In the third episode, a flashback revealed that Matsuri had been terrified by the ayakashi as a little child. But it was Suzu who gave him the assistance he needed to counter the naughty ayakashi. At the school, Ninokuro Soga shouted at Matsuri for failing to kill Shirogane. But Matsuri aided Shirogane in getting away.

Ayakashi TriangleAyakashi Triangle Episode 4: Launch Date

The fourth episode of Ayakashi Triangle will show on January 31, 2023, at 1:00 JST. The forthcoming episode will examine Matsuri’s response to the impending danger while attempting to keep Shirogane safe. It may be shown locally by Japanese viewers on GYT, Tokyo MX, GTV, BS11, ytv, TV Aichi, and AT-X. Crunchyroll is where the global audience may watch it in the interim.