The Most Muscular Women In Anime

Here is everything you need to know about the most muscular women in anime.

Charlotte Smoothie Charlotte Smoothie

Charlotte Smoothie was the only one of Big Mom’s Sweet Generals not to be defeated in battle. As a result, she has a relatively exclusive title among One Piece’s most diabolical rogues. Towering well over enemies and peers alike, Smoothie’s height allows her to be distinguished easily.

Charlotte Smoothie’s Devil Fruit also plays into her Amazonian stature since she can take opponents in her arms and squeeze out their life force. Surprisingly, the fluid she is able to produce from their desiccated husks is both tasty and nutritious.

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After All Might’s retirement, Mirko was one of the top pros in My Hero Academia. She first debuted alongside Endeavor when he was announced as the next Symbol of Peace. A natural athlete, her already impressive skills were further enhanced by her “Rabbit” Quirk.

In addition to increasing Mirko’s overall ruggedness and tenacity, it afforded her tremendous power in her legs. This made her a highly mobile and adaptable melee fighter, as well as a hero excellent for rescue missions. Mirko may be fairly haughty, though given the potential of her quirk and already illustrious reputation, she has earned the right to brag.

Maki Maki

Maki was perhaps the most physically muscular woman in the Fire Force. Her Ignition Ability allowed her to animate two sentient flames that assisted her against her enemies. They came in handy since they were reliable and had relatively high offensive force.

However, Maki’s family has often been critical of her presence in Company Eight due to the high threat it portends. Nonetheless, Maki has explicitly stated that she wishes to stay under Captain Obi regardless of the danger posed by the Evangelist’s forces.

Striga Striga

Striga was an antagonist in the Castlevania series and a vampire with no love for humans. She used her hulking size, strength, and battle experience to marshal Carmilla’s armies as their decorated general. Despite decimating everything in her path, Striga was not as committed to the cause as her sister.

When Carmilla was assassinated, Striga abandoned her plans for expansion in favor of roaming with Morana. This does not suggest that Striga has been redeemed. Instead, she simply found something more fulfilling than watching her enemies scream and flee in fear.

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Biscuit was one of Hunter x Hunter’s most memorable characters, given her unique quirks. Although usually appearing as a small girl roughly Gon’s age, she is actually a towering middle-aged woman.

Biscuit prefers her childlike body over her real one since the latter is much cuter and more approachable. Regardless, her real form allows her to unleash the full extent of her strength when it is necessary to do so. The Hunter’s obsession with aesthetics makes her dimensional.