The Offline PC and Smartphone Version of Mega Man x DiVE Mobile Game

Capcom has done a fantastic job with Mega Man X DiVE in striving to please the Mega Man fans among us. Its narrative is distinct and feels like a breath of fresh air, and it features a wide range of characters from across the X series and beyond.

Side-scrolling action gameplay similar to the Mega Man X series; the ability to equip and level up a wide variety of gear; the ability to play as an absurdly large cast of characters from across the entire Mega Man franchise.

The announcement of an offline edition of CAPCOM’s Mega Man X DiVE (RockMan X DiVE) smartphone game was made during Sunday’s CAPCOM Showcase stream. This year sees the release of Mega Man X DiVE Offline for PC, iOS, and Android.

Cyberworld, where information from many different games is stored, serves as the setting for the story. A mysterious issue has corrupted the Mega Man X game data, and now it’s up to the players to fix it. Players “DiVE” into Deep Log to troubleshoot the issue with the assistance of RiCO, a mysterious Navigator who appears out of nowhere.

In order to defeat Maverick data and restore the game, players take control of Hunter Programs modeled after X, Zero, and other Hunters. Many other Capcom games, including Street Fighter and Devil May Cry, have crossed over with the Mega series and the game.

It’s smart on Capcom’s part to let players keep playing even after the main server goes down, as the game will still be unavailable in some regions. Those memories of that game will last a lifetime.

Mega Man X DiVE

Mega Man X DiVE

Capcom Taiwan created Mega Man X DiVE for iOS, Android, and Steam; the game is also known as Rockman X DiVE in Taiwan and Japan.

As the player aids RiCO, iCO, and ViA in repairing the Deep Log, they will encounter characters, stages, monsters, and powers from a variety of different series in addition to those from the Mega Man X series.