The Perfect Prince Loves Me, the Side Character? Anime Premieres Early on March 15

A New Romance Unfolds in ‘The Perfect Prince Loves Me, the Side Character?!’

A supporting character in “The Perfect Prince Falls in Love with Me”?! The anime will be re-released on March 15th, so get ready for some fun surprises. This captivating new series promises to captivate viewers with its unique storyline and endearing characters. Let’s dig into the synopsis, cast, and staff details of this long-awaited anime adaptation.

Early Premiere Announcement: March 15

Fans of romance and fantasy anime should rejoice because the premiere of “The Perfect Prince Loves Me, the Side Character?” is scheduled for March 15th. This unexpected announcement has sparked excitement and anticipation among viewers who want to be the first to experience the fascinating world of this new series.

At its heart is a fascinating story full of unexpected romance and intrigue. The main character, Lorne Gravis, is reincarnated into the world of the novel and unexpectedly falls into a love triangle with Prince Alec and the heroine Lily. What follows is a joyous journey of self-discovery and unexpected love that tugs at the heartstrings of viewers.

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An anime’s success lies in its cast and crew, and “The Perfect Prince Loves Me, the Side Character?” has a talented voice-acting team and creative talent. From Santa Holly’s Prince Alec to Hal Dunge’s Lorne Gravis, each member of the cast brings their characters to life with nuance and depth. Directed by Aki Conchi and with character designs by Akari Minagawa, viewers can expect a visually stunning and emotional viewing experience.

Dual Versions

Like many of his AnimeFesta works, “The Perfect Prince Loves Me, the Side Character?!” allows viewers to choose between two different versions of him: the broadcast version and the uncensored premium version. provided. Whether you prefer the censored version broadcast on television or the uncensored version available online, you have the opportunity to enjoy this fascinating series in the way that best suits your tastes.

Pre-released on March 15th, “The Perfect Prince Loves Me, the Side Character?” marks the beginning of a new era of romance and fantasy anime. While viewers are eagerly awaiting the debut episode, expectations are high for an exciting and unforgettable journey. Why not fall in love with the magic of the supporting role in “The Perfect Prince Loves Me, the Side Character?” It plays on screens everywhere.