The Release of the Black Comedy “No Longer Allowed in Another World” Is Set for 2024

Despite sharing a same setup, the protagonist in an isekai story develops a sense of wonder and resolve when encountering a new universe. While the rest of them take to their new existence with enthusiasm, one of them is less than enthused.

The protagonist of “No Longer Allowed in Another World” made a suicide pact that ended up being an accident. Now that he’s alive again, he wants to rid himself of it and claims that he’s no longer qualified to be a human.

Kadokawa unveiled a brand new teaser and video for ‘No Longer Allowed in Another World’ on Tuesday. The teaser suggests the 2024 release year for the anime.

However, at this time, neither the production team nor the voice actors have been publicly announced.

The teaser is animated in the form of panels that show the beginning of the story. ‘Osamu Dazai’ and his partner are killed when their car is hit by a truck. Osamu awakens in what appears to be a chapel and is greeted by Annette, the guide for all humans who have been summoned.

Just after the closing credits roll, you get your first glance at Osamu in his anime form.

There is a real-life novelist named Osamu Dazai, whose works have served as the basis for a number of animated shows. On June 13, 1948, the scene of his double suicide by drowning, he took his own life.

New Visual for ‘No Longer Allowed in Another World’
New Visual for ‘No Longer Allowed in Another World’

‘No Longer Allowed in Another World’ is the second manga to feature the creative talents of Hiroshi Noda and Takahiro Wakamatsu. They’ve worked together before on the manga Love After World Domination, which ran from 2018 until 2022 and was later adapted into an anime.

Osamu’s reaction and disinterest baffle Annette, making for an unusual prelude. Osamu’s sudden decision to take sleeping pills revealed both his humor in death and his courage to face it head-on. When he’s not doing anything important like reading Jump, he adopts a ‘Gintoki Sakata’ attitude.

How might a writer adapt to a new world and, perhaps, a new mission? The answers will be shown in the anime, therefore we must wait.

No Longer Allowed in Another World

Known variously as No Longer Human and No Longer Allowed in Another World, Hiroshi Noda and Takahiro Wakamatsu collaborated on the manga series In Another World. It has a TV anime adaptation in the works and has been serialized on the Yawaraka Spirits website by Shogakukan since October 2019.

The protagonist of the narrative is none other than the renowned Japanese author Osamu Dazai. After being moved to another world as a hero after being hit by a truck, Dazai is disqualified since his power levels are not high enough for him to survive.