The Romantic Comedy Anime ‘The Dangers in My Heart’ Will Return In January 2024.

The manga by Norio Sakurai was used to make the movie The Dangers in My Heart. Kyotaro Ichikawa, a high school student who thinks he’s the main character in a psychological thriller, and Anna Yamada, the class idol, are the main characters of the anime.

Even though the premise sounds dark and strange, the movie is actually a light-hearted romantic comedy with charming characters, an interesting plot, and great animation. The anime got off to a rough start, but as the episodes went on, fans started to cheer for Kyotaro in all he did.

The Dangers in My Heart (Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu), an anime series by Norio Sakurai, ended on Sunday with the announcement that a second season will start in January. The new season will also be shown in the NUMAnimation block on TV Asahi and its 23 affiliates, as well as on BS Asahi.

The teaser for the anime shows that it will start in January and lets us hear Kyotato and Anna talking. Norio sensei also made a drawing to celebrate the return of the series.

The Dangers in My Heart
The show’s staff and actors are also likely to come back for the next season of the anime. The Dangers in My Heart has been through a lot, from being a complete bore to a very good ride with great character growth.

I liked the show from the start, even though some of it made me cringe. By the time the last episode came out, this was one of the spring anime shows I looked forward to the most every week.

I wasn’t sure if I liked the main character at first, but I did, and he became one of my favorite male characters of the season. So, stick around to find out more juicy information about the cool pair.

The Dangers in My Heart

Norio Sakurai’s Dangers in My Heart manga came out in March 2018. Seven Seas Entertainment has the rights to sell it in English.

The manga is about a kid named Kyotaro who thinks he’s weird because he often has violent thoughts about his classmates. Just as he is thinking about how to stab the popular girl in class, she sees him.

Anna, the girl in question, is pretty strange herself, and as she and Kyotaro get to know each other better, he learns more about her strangeness.