The Tale Of The Outcasts Episode 3: A Love Angle! Publication Date

Marbas and Wisteria were getting ready to go on their adventure in the previous episode of The Tale Of The Outcasts. The episode this week was jam-packed. The second episode included a lot of action and centered on the protagonists’ trip. And there were definitely hiccups along the way. Episode 3 of The Tale Of The Outcasts will focus on how the voyage concludes for the pair. Along the road, more will be revealed to the characters. These are, therefore, all spoilers for the next episode.

Characters went through a lot of emotional growth in this episode. In episode two, we saw how the emotional matter was handled in detail, and it was covered quickly. In episode three, we’ll get to watch how the anime deals with new challenges. Finally, the future episode will mostly focus on the developments that will affect Marbas and Wisteria. Read on to learn what happens in the following chapter.

The Tale Of The Outcasts Episode 3

The Tale Of The Outcasts Episode 3: What Happens Next?

In the next episode, we’ll see how Marbas maintains Wisteria’s care. Wisteria appears to thrive under Marbas’s watchful eye, so it will be fascinating to observe how their connection evolves. In the last episode, we saw the two of them go on their quest. The upcoming episode will highlight the various new obstacles they must overcome along the road.

The bond between Wisteria and Marbas will deepen, and Marbas will continue to enjoy the ways in which Wisteria keeps him from becoming bored. In the third episode, we will see how the couple’s willingness to risk their lives for each other has brought them closer together, and how their adventure has strengthened their bond. It will be fascinating to observe the development of the bond over time.

The Tale Of The Outcasts Episode 3

Previous Episode Summary!

In Episode 2 of The Tale Of The Outcasts, we see Wisteria and Marbas cleaning the home before heading into town to shop for clothing for Wisteria. Wisteria is shown putting on several gowns at the boutique, per Marbas’s advice. Wisteria, however, is dissatisfied with his selections and goes shopping for her own outfits. She meets the aristocratic couple, Lady Diana Blackbell and Naberius, there. Wisteria and Diana take an hour off to go shopping for new threads, and Naberius joins them. Also, outside the shop, Marbas runs into Naberius.

A later scene involves a heartfelt supper shared by Wisteria and Marbas. Wisteria’s brother, Snow Langley, is one of the people Marbas runs across when he’s out gathering provisions for the trip. They appear to have a shared memory of a previous encounter. Snow follows Marbas into the woods, where he finds Wisteria at Marbas’s lodging. Seeing his blind sister comes as a shock to him. But he pretends like he’s there to assist them pack their bags for the trip. Later, Marbas and Snow get into an argument, but in the end, Snow agrees to let Wisteria remain with Marbas.

The Tale Of The Outcasts Episode 3

The Tale Of The Outcasts Episode 3: Publication Date

January 22, 2023 is the scheduled premiere date for the next episode. You may watch the episode on Crunchyroll’s official sites. Do you look forward to following their travels as a pair? Once new information becomes available, we will post it here.