Tokyo Ghoul Season 5: Ended For Good! Is There Any Hope?

Five years have passed, and the fans cannot seem to get over the demands of Tokyo Ghoul Season 5. Well, that is the legacy that the show has left behind with its users. For the last five years, there has not been any drop in the number of fans demanding for the new season. Sure, there has been criticism against the direction and adaptation of the story. But still, a huge chunk of the fans seem to be asking questions about a renewal. So, is there any hope for the new one? We have gathered all the information that you need on the matter.

For some background, the Tokyo Ghoul manga launched in 2011. Sui Ishida was the original writer and illustrator of the manga. The dark fantasy show continued to be published in the Weekly Young Jump for three years straight. Well, there are a total of 14 volumes of this story. The anime by Studio Pierrot came out in July 2014. After this, it was only a spree of seasons released one after the other. But the question still remains: Will There Be a Tokyo Ghoul Season 5?

Tokyo Ghoul Season 5

Tokyo Ghoul Season 5: Renewal Status

The first thing to remember is that all the seasons of Tokyo Ghoul do not work in a perfect chronology. But four complete seasons have already come out of the story. The last one, Tokyo Ghoul Re Season 2, aired the last episode on December 25, 2018. This was essentially the last time that fans got in touch with the story. And with this, the anime had also come to an end. This was the only time that the demand for Tokyo Ghoul Season 5 was seen quite an exceptional number. Not to ignore the endless criticism that it got, there still was heavy demand for a new season.

But all in all, no such word for Tokyo Ghoul Season 5 was made on any of the public platforms. So to say, the anime has not been renewed for the next season. This, in no way, means that there would not be a new season for the story. There is a lot of scope and hope for the fans who have been loyal to this horror tale.

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Will There Be Tokyo Ghoul Season 5?

If the reception and the official numbers of the show are to be taken into account, then there is a good chance that Tokyo Ghoul Season 5 will be coming back. With four seasons released over a time span of two years, the seasons have garnered quite a fan following all this time. Well, there sure was a lot of debate and discussion on the direction and screenplay of the story. But let’s take a look at some of the numbers. As for IMDb, the anime has a good score of 7.4 stars out of 10. In addition, the MAL rating dangles at around 7.8 stars out of 10.

What is notable is that these numbers are in millions. Around 1.78 million fans have shared the given rating of the show. The praise of the manga is commendable as well. As for the manga, the books have reached an exceptional number, with 44 million copies in circulation by March 2019. With the latest numbers coming in, there will come more of the same series very soon. All these numbers only point out that Tokyo Ghoul Season 5 will be a bankable call.

However, is it needed? With the story complete on its own, there are chances that this one might not happen. So, what remains to be the future of this story? Let’s find out!

Production Details!

All four of the anime seasons, along with the ONA, were animated by Studio Pierrot. This continues to be one of the most esteemed anime studios of recent times. Some of the most popular stories, including Bleach, Naruto, and Black Clover, have come out of this animation company. With this, the price and schedule of this company stand on a ground that is quite high. As for the 2020s, the company has only released six shows. This accounts for two seasons per year.

With this, it is understandable that two more are already lined up for the year to come ahead. From this, we can conclude that Studio Pierrot is busy with other animation work. But the studio schedule is not something that is keeping the anime from being released in the public domain; it is the source material!

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Is There Enough Material?

As opposed to the popular trend, it was the manga that came ahead of the light novel in the case of Tokyo Ghoul. The manga by Sui Ishida first came out on September 8, 2011. This was the first time that the world saw a villain as the protagonist in a dark fantasy world. In addition, Shueisha’s Young Jump Comics published all the chapters of the text. It came out in September 2014 with fourteen compiled books. So far, there have been a total of 143 chapters.

This is where the real problem arises. Of these 143 chapters, all of them have been used in the four seasons. Thus, the possibility of seeing a Tokyo Ghoul Season 5 has decreased here already. What is an original story? Well, the animation and direction of the first four seasons had already been lackluster in a lot of ways. Thus, to expect the makers to take a chance by creating something new that stands away from the original text and also has poor direction will only kill the series’ legacy further.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 5

Reddit Theories & Discussion Threads!

As mentioned already, it was the direction of the show that was not up to the mark in many of the cases. While looking at the discussion forums of the show’s new season, a lot of the fans mention that they have a hearty wish to watch a new season. However, it certainly was the right call from the makers to call off the series with the fourth season. The plot of the protagonist had come to an end, and there was no scope for extending things even further after that.

One of the users stated that it was best to switch the manga and read the plot right from the beginning. There were a lot of plot details and holes in the story. Thus, an extensive read of the manga will be the best choice for anyone who is missing the original story. To expect a new season will be a tough call. Thus, it is best for the fans to move on from that dream for the time being.

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Tokyo Ghoul Season 5: Release Date

With the anime turning out to be quite a bad version of the story and the story of the MC ending with season 4, the chances of getting a new season decline by a large portion. In addition to this, a reboot commencing with a completely new start is something that will be tedious and work to follow. As of now, the chances of getting a new season are very low. Even high demand and good reviews might not bring back Tokyo Ghoul Season 5. So, it is best for the fans to accept a completion or switch to the manga.

However, even with a one percent chance, the fans can stick with the updates to come out. We will be sure to update this section in case of any new details. Your only job is to keep an eye on this space. Thus, keep up with The Anime Daily for all the updates right here.