Top 10 Most Satisfying Revenge Manhwa of All Time (Ranked)

Revenge Manhwa

Revenge is something that we usually see on all popular platforms, whether it be manga, anime, or manhwa. There are plenty of revenge novels available to read in which our main characters take revenge on their loved ones. However, it’s quite hard to find those revenge manhwa in which the main focus of MC is just revenge and nothing else.

That’s why we made this incredible list of the top revenge manhwa, where you will get to see the real meaning of revenge and how to take it. So without any further delay, let’s get straight to this incredible list and pick your favorite one to read from it.

Note: Each of these revenge Manhwa is ranked according to their fans’ popularity and the revenge level of their main characters, regardless of their ratings and readerships.

Top 10 Most Satisfying Revenge Manhwa (Ranked)

10. Return of the Mount Hua Sect

Revenge Manhwa
Source: Return of the Mount Hua Sect Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 96 (Still Ongoing)

The return of the Mount Hua Sect is already the best isekai manhwa with OP MC. In the deadliest battle against the Heavenly Demon, Chun Myung lost his entire clan, the Mount Hua Sect, while saving humanity.

At last, he also took his last breath, and eventually, he was born again 100 years later. Now, he is taking revenge differently; he has begun working hard to bring back the glory of his clan. 

9. The Great Mage that Returned After 4000 Years

Revenge Manhwa
Source: The Great Mage that Returned after 4000 Years Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 189 (Still Ongoing)

As the title suggests, this revenge manhwa follows the story of Lucas Trowman, the great mage who returned 4000 years later to get his revenge. After spending a punishment of 4000 years of eternity living without his mind, he finally gets back into the world with a new boy.

His new identity is Frey Blake, who has zero talent and is currently attending a magical academy. Now, he takes his new life as a golden opportunity to get revenge for every bad thing that happened to him in the past. 

8. Nano Machine

Revenge Manhwa
Source: Nano Machine Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 177 (Still Ongoing)

As its name suggests, the series features a futuristic device called the Nano Machine, which our main character uses to get revenge. Cheon Yeo Woon is the main character and the prince of a demonic clan whom everyone mistreats. Moreover, they not only mistreat him but also physically hurt him along with his family, and his mother loses her life during the process.

Later, someone came from the future and gave him a nanomachine that granted him exceptional martial arts skills. Now, he is using that nanomachine to become stronger and brutally get revenge on those who take his mother away from him. 

7. Chronicles of the Heavenly Demon

Revenge Manhwa
Source: Chronicles of Heavenly Demon Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 218 (Still Ongoing)

This revenge manhwa follows the story of Hyuk Woon Seong, a highly talented student of a well-known spell master. However, he is killed for performing forbidden demonic art but is unfortunately reborn as a student of the Demonic Cult.

Now, he knew both the orthodox sect and the demonic cult that provided him with exceptional abilities. His first plan is to take full control over the demonic cult, then move forward to his bloodiest revenge from the Orthodox sect. 

6. Killing Killer: Most Brutal Revenge Manhwa

Revenge Manhwa
Source: Killing Killer Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 70 (Still Ongoing)

The name of the series perfectly shows what our main character is going to do in the series, which is very obvious revenge. Lee Si-woo is the main character, who is looking for a killer who murdered his family. 10 years later, he finally gets his revenge by cutting off the head of the killer. Despite the head being cut off, the killer is still alive, and his head is capable of living on its own.

Moreover, this head shares with him the real culprit behind his family’s deaths, who is the contractor and leader of several powerful killers. From that day off, the killer’s head became Lee’s companion and helped him get revenge on the contractor. 

5. Death Row Boy

Revenge Manhwa
Source: Death Row Boy Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 75 (Finished in 2023)

Death Row Boy is one of the most brutal and satisfying revenge manhwa to read. The series is set in a city in the Republic of Korea similar to our real world, where a notorious serial killer, Kim Shin, commits countless murders. However, he made the biggest mistake of his life by murdering Ji-Hoo’s family.

To get revenge on the serial killer, Ji-Hoo began training himself with the help of Du-Seok, who is also the victim of Kim. Moreover, his revenge is not your typical type; rather, he goes to the same jail where Kim was held to kill him with his fists. 

4. Reincarnation of the Suicidal Battle God: Best Action Revenge Manhwa

Revenge Manhwa
Source: Reincarnation of the Suicidal Battle God Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 96 (Still Ongoing)

This revenge manhwa depicts the most satisfying revenge story of Zephyr, the strongest human in history. He lost his life in a fierce fight against the god of destruction, but eventually got a second chance to relive it. While enjoying the battle with Zephyr, the god gave him this chance and brought him back to his past when he was a slave.

Now, Zephyr decides to use his second life to get revenge on demons for bringing destruction to humanity. While he also did not forgive God for leaving humanity in pain and enjoying their destruction for enjoyment,

3. Legend of Asura: The Venom Dragon

Revenge Manhwa
Source: Legend of Asura Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 133 (Finished in 2023)

The Legend of Asura is one of the best revenge manhwa to read. It is filled with blood, gore, and violence. It follows the bloodiest revenge story of Ziqiang, whose entire clan is massacred most terribly, just leaving him alive. Later, he is picked by a venom organization and becomes their research subject, in which they inject all types of deadliest poisons.

After consuming a wide range of poisons, Ziqiang became the venom dragon and somehow managed to escape this hell. Now, it’s time for everyone who hurt him to witness the bloodiest revenge from his side. 

2. The Ember Knight

Revenge Manhwa
Source: The Ember Knight Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 143 (Still Ongoing)

The Ember Knight features the bloodiest revenge of a brother who witnessed his own twin brother’s murder with his own eyes. Since that day, Nagyunn has begun to train himself to develop the exceptional knight skills that his twin brother possesses.

Later, he starts hunting all those people who are responsible for his twin brother’s death. Moreover, he is taking revenge by being his twin brother because they share an identical look. 

1. Legend of the Northern Blades: Most Popular Revenge Manhwa

Revenge Manhwa
Source: Legend of the Northern Blades Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 170 (Still Ongoing)

Legend of the Northern Blades is set in a world where the Northern Heavenly Sect, filled with strong martial artists, saves humanity from evil organizations. After being accused of betraying the organization, the leader of the Northern Heavenly Sect is forced to commit suicide to save his son, Mu Won.

Despite being the son of a strong martial artist, Mu Won has no fighting skills, but he is very desperate to get revenge. Now, he began developing strong fighting skills by using a secret manual secretly left by his father.  


That’s it for the post! We hope you found this incredible list of the top 10 most satisfying revenge manhwa useful and found something to your taste. Each of these revenge manhwa features the most satisfying revenge story, filled with pain, blood, and violence.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and pick your favorite ones and take part in MC’s revenge. Stay tuned with us for more wonderful manhwa and anime recommendations.