Tsurune Season 2 Episode 3: Publication Date & Where To Watch?

Anime is thriving and popular among viewers. This week, on January 19, 2023, you can watch the third episode of Season 2 of Tsurune on HiDive and Hulu. The exact time and date of the release are shown here.

Manji is no longer a member of the regulars. Kabashima will now serve in his stead. The Regional High School competition attracts teams from all across the prefecture.

Kazemai High School advances to the knockout stage. In addition, new characters make their debut in episode 2.

Episode 2 is just as gorgeously animated as the first. Kyudo captivates not just the anime’s real-world audience, but also us, the viewers.

Tsurune Season 2 Episode 3
Tsurune Season 2 Episode 3

In the third installment, the students of Kirisaki High School will take aim. Each and every one of us has our fingers crossed for the best school. Also, we’ll get to watch Tsujimine High’s production.

Information on Tsurune 2’s third episode is provided below.

Tsurune Season 2 Episode 3 Publication Date & Time

Episodes of Season 2 of Tsurune premiere every Thursday at midnight (JST). This timetable will also be followed for the release of episode 3.

On January 19, 2023, viewers may tune in to see the third episode of Tsurune 2. The Japanese dubbed version is set to debut on this day in Japan. Broadcast timings for the dubbed version will vary by region.

The following schedule details when episode 3 will show in various countries. You may use it to find out when the newest episode will be available in your region.

  • 9:30 PM IST, 18th January 2023 –  India
  • 9:00 AM PDT, 18th January 2023 – America
  • 5:00 PM EDT, 18th January 2023- Europe
  • 1:30 AM ACST, 19th January 2023 -Australia

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 2 also set to air this week and we recommend you watch it when out.

Tsurune: The Linking Shot Season 2 Episode 3: Where Can We Stream It?

There are a number of places where you may view the most recent Tsurune 2 episode, but we advise only doing so if the site is officially licensed to show the anime. Anime fans may watch the shows online in high resolution thanks to legal streaming services.

You can aid the creators in keeping more of their streaming income if you watch the anime on these services.

In case you missed it, Episode 3 of Tsurune 2 is available for viewing below. Depending on the accessibility of these services in your region, you can view the anime.

  • Aniplus TV
  • Aniplus Asia
  • Hulu

Season 2 Episode 2 Summary

Titled “All in the Mind,” Episode 2 of Tsurune 2 airs on April 8. The show ran for the standard 25 minutes. The episode began with a meeting of the Kirisaki High School Kyudo club. In preparation for forthcoming regional competitions, the coach addresses the team.

Manji announces his intention to leave his regular role on the squad. He is convinced that he can’t aid Kirisaki with his present set of abilities. The squad accepts his choice and brings in Kabashima as his replacement. Senichi, Manji’s brother, is concerned about him and has pledged his whole backing.

When Shu returns home from the conference, his sister Sae is already there to greet him. She invites Shu to see her boyfriend shoot in a regional event. Shu reminds her that she has a piano lesson scheduled for that day and recommends she skip the game in favor of practicing.

To go to the Regional High School Tournament on time, Minato leaves early from his house on tournament day. Together with Seiya, he travels to the site of the competition.

There are students here from all around, filling up the arena. Minato like how energizing it is there. Ryouhei worries a lot about doing well in the competition.

Masaki san, the team’s mentor and coach, gives them a pep talk, telling them to shoot the way they want to shoot. Before the competition starts, he recommends eating together.

When Onogi visits the bathroom, he runs into several of his middle school pals. They engage in a discourse that appears to make Onogi uneasy. Eventually, Nanao and Minato decide to go seek for him.

Ryouhei, Rika, and Seiya are out getting the team lunch in the meantime. While making his way back, Ryouhei spots Sae having trouble navigating the convention center. Sae has unexpectedly visited her brother. He guides Sae to the right section of the crowd. Ryouhei responds to several of her questions regarding Kyudo, and his responses are quite convincing.

Now that he has had some time to calm down, Ryouhei is much more comfortable. Getting set to play Mikage High. While Sae watches them shoot, a spectator explains the game to her. Minato creates a beautiful aesthetic with his shooting setting. With 16 hits, Kazemai advances to the next round. Sae can’t get enough of Kyudo and thinks it’s great.

Masaki critiques Minato’s performance after the game. It has astonished Minato how precise his perception can be. When Ryouhei realizes one arrow is missing, he searches for a replacement but comes up empty.

Since Minato has a physique comparable to Ryouhei’s, he offers that Shu give him one of Shu’s spare arrows. When Ryouhei expresses surprise at Shu’s friendliness, Minato explains that Shu has always been outgoing.

Minato runs into his junior high school senior friend Eisuke Nikaido on the way home. A moment of reunion occurs. The Nikaido squad heads out the door for the big game.

After Ryouhei inquires as to who it was, Minato reveals that Nikaido practiced a unique sort of kyudo back in their middle school days. At the episode’s conclusion, we get a flashback to Minato and Nikaido’s days together at Kirasaki Junior High.

Tsurune Season 2 Episode 3 Spoilers

Unlike the first episode, there was no sneak peek at what will happen in the third episode. It would be impossible for viewers to predict what will happen in the following episode based on the anime alone.

Volume 2 of the light novel upon which Tsurune 2 is based. To keep you anticipating the next episode, we have gathered a few possible spoilers from the light novel:

  • Sae has a front-row seat to Shu’s performance at the event.
  • Kirsaki has been officially accepted into the nationals.
  • Bets are placed between Shu and Masaki san.
  • Tsujimine High School shows off an innovative shooting technique.

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