Tune in to Bochhi the Rock Anime Teaser Along with Character Visuals

Music and anime always go hand in hand and Bocchi the Rock! anime is the perfect example.

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The story follows a lonely high schooler, Hitori Gotō who loves strumming her guitar. One day, she happens to meet Nijika Ijichi, who is looking for a guitarist for her group named “Kessoku Band.”

Bocchi the Rock! anime will premiere in 2022. Check out the latest visuals and teaser for the upcoming anime, along with the cast and staff.

Tune in to Bochhi the Rock Anime Teaser Along with Character Visuals
Ryo Yamada | Source: Official Website

Ryo Yamada is a cool and independent second-year high schooler who plays bass for “Kessoku Band.” She is Nijika’s close friend.

Tune in to Bochhi the Rock Anime Teaser Along with Character Visuals
Nijika Ijichi | Source: Official Website

Nijika Ijichi is an energetic and cheerful drummer of her group “Kessoku Band” and manager of the live music venue “STARRY.”

Tune in to Bochhi the Rock Anime Teaser Along with Character Visuals
Hitori Goto | Source: Official Website

Hitori Gotō is a lonely high schooler whose only interest is her guitar. She loves to strum her guitar every day all by herself at home.

The latest teaser showcases Hiyori Gotō seating in an enclosed space while strumming of the guitar can be heard in the background.

Bocchi the Rock! cast includes:

CharacterCastNotable Works
Hitori GotōYoshino AoyamaGuri (Love Tyrant)
Nijika IjichiSayumi SuzushiroKurena Kukumila (86)
Ryо̄ YamadaSaku MizunoRena Hananoi (Selection Project)

Staff for Bocchi the Rock! includes:

PositionStaffNotable Works
DirectorKeiichirō SaitōACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. Regards
Series CompositionErika YoshidaLupin III: Part IV
Character DesignerKeroriraWonder Egg Priority
StudioCloverWorksFairy Tail

Since La Corda d’Oro: Primo Passo, I’ve always been interested in the anime music genre. The teaser soundtrack reminds me of K-On’s beautiful soundtracks.

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I’m looking forward to seeing how lonely Hitori opens up and makes new friends to create the “Kessoku Band.”

About Bocchi the Rock!

Bocchi the Rock! is a four-panel manga by Aki Hamaji. It started serialization in 2017.

Hitori Gotou, a high schooler,  is learning how to play the guitar. She dreams of being in a band but is too shy to make friends. Nijika Ijichi on the other hand is a drummer who is also looking to start a band. A friendship will blossom between them as they form a band and invite others.

Source: Official Website

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