Valhalla’s Leader in Tokyo Revengers?

The distinctive hierarchical structure of Valhalla makes it stand out from other motorcycle gangs. Members of this gang maintain that there is no formal hierarchy inside the group.

The fact that the gang uses a logo depicting a beheaded angel seems to attest to the fact that it has no clear leader. But is that truly true? However, it turns out that this is not strictly true.

Tetta Kisaki is the legitimate ruler of Valhalla in the timelines that occur following the first time jump. In the first timeline, before Takemichi gains his time-travel abilities, Kisaki transfers leadership of Valhalla to Mikey.

Leadership in Valhalla undergoes minor shifts across all possible futures. Let’s check up on the Valhalla kings and queens from all imaginable timelines.

Tetta Kisaki, the Shadowy Leader

Role – Leader

Tenure – first to nineteenth time-leap

Tetta Kisaki is the real brains of Valhalla. Kisaki brought together the former Moebius members under his group, effectively tripling the size of Valhalla to around 300 people.

Kisaki built Valhalla to dominate the Japanese underworld. He intends to achieve this by promoting Mikey to Valhalla’s position of leadership, with the hope that Mikey’s darker tendencies will be brought to the fore by the gang’s ruthlessness.

Kisaki’s scheme succeeds in the first possible timeline. After Valhalla defeats Toman on Bloody Halloween, Toman is absorbed by Valhalla. In the aftermath of Valhalla’s victory, Mikey assumes leadership of the clan and is effectively turned into a puppet by Kisaki.

Kisaki, however, always maintained that he was not the “real” commander of Valhalla. The’shadow’ to Mikey’s ‘bright,’ he boasted. The headless angel emblematic of Valhalla reflects his feelings exactly.

Manjiro Sano, a.k.a. Mikey, the ‘True’ Leader

Role – Leader

Pre-first time-leap tenure

Mikey has aggressive tendencies, but it’s hard to put him in the same category as a group as nasty as Valhalla. But because of what happened in the original timeline, he had to join Valhalla and eventually became one of Tokyo’s most notorious criminals.

In some parallel universes, Toman ultimately prevails over Valhalla. Yet in the original timeframe, we find the inverse to be true. Valhalla instead prevails over Toman and takes its place as the latter’s controlling parent organization.

In the first timeline, Mikey takes command of the new, wicked Toman, but Kisaki soon takes control of him as the vice commander. Without Takemichi and Draken to keep him grounded, he gives in to his dark side and suffers the consequences.

Tokyo Revengers

Mikey’s whereabouts in this timeline are mostly unknown. Fans assume that, as Mikey was on the run, he was most likely not in Tokyo or even Japan at this time.

Exactly how powerful is Tetta Kisaki?

Kisaki may be the gang’s leader, but he isn’t nearly as powerful as the rest of the Valhalla. When compared to Hanma, his trusted aide, he is noticeably inferior.

As seen in their fight during the Tenjiku arc, Kisaki is roughly on par with Takemichi in terms of physical strength. But he loses to Mikey and Draken every time. He can’t take on more powerful foes without weapons like guns.

Tokyo Revengers

Despite his physical prowess, Kisaki’s greatest asset is his mind. He avoids confronting the dispute head-on by using strong warriors like Draken, Hanma, and Mikey to achieve his goals.

Exactly how powerful is Mikey?

Mikey is the series’ (and maybe even the franchise’s) strongest fighter. In the eyes of his fellow criminals, he truly is “Invincible Mikey,” and the term fits him well.

Mikey has never lost a fight, and his list of opponents includes heavy hitters like Taiju Shiba and Shuji Hanma. His considerable martial arts training and ferocious kicks are legendary for producing instant results.

Tokyo Revengers

Also, he can easily take down a whole team of adversaries all at once. During the Valhalla storyline, for instance, he easily dispatches Kazutora, Chome, and Chonbo, despite their efforts to subjugate and attack him simultaneously.

Tokyo Revengers

Author Ken Wakui created the manga Tokyo Revengers. It premiered on March 1, 2017, in Kodansha’s Weekly Shnen Magazine, and ran through November 20, 2022. Approximately 30 tankobon volumes have been produced.

The protagonist, Takemichi Hanagaki, finds out that his one and only middle school ex-girlfriend was murdered by the Tokyo Manji Gang. They shoved Takemichi off the train station after they heard about what had happened.

When he hit the ground and closed his eyes, he was prepared to die; nevertheless, when he opened them, he found himself 12 years in the past.