Weak Hero Chapter 229: Ultimate Battle! Publication Date & Plot

Weak Hero Chapter 229 will finally zero in on the conclusion of the huge conflict between Eunjang and The Union, which has been simmering for the previous several chapters. This is what followers of the manhwa are looking for. Although no one suspected it at the time, Gray, Gerard, Ben, Ronald, Teddy, and Wolf eventually banded together. But now it is, and you can thank Eugene for it. Donald’s survival odds, though, may prove to be an issue. Are you curious as to how to accomplish this? Read on then.

In Chapter 228, the conflict between Eunjang and The Union reaches its climax. Each side has been at war with the other for a very long time. However, things have escalated beyond control at this point. Donald is determined to track down Ben and his group and destroy them. Let’s watch Ben and the rest of the squad handle this situation.

Weak Hero Chapter 229

Weak Hero Chapter 229: What Happens Next?

The next chapter will detail the decisive conflict between Eunjang and The Union. Ben has just got a call from Donald Na of The Union, who has requested a meeting near the southern end of the Mapo bridge. Donald doesn’t want to lose, and he recognizes Ben as a major danger to his honor. Thus, he is set on closing this chapter so as to preserve his legacy. At the same time, Ben and the others are set on eliminating Donald for the harm he caused to their comrade.

Eugene’s hospital stay has not improved his health. Everyone will decide to band together to fight The Union. Because he sees this as his personal fight, Ben is more likely to go there alone. Gerard, Gray, and the rest of the gang will follow him and constantly remind him that they are on the same side. At spite of the fact that the manhwa is currently in its climactic fight, the battle arc appears to continue in the next chapters.

Weak Hero Chapter 229

A Quick Summary!

At the end of Weak Hero Chapter 228 we left Forrest Lee and company on their way to brief Donald Na on the conflict with Eugene’s army. Donald was hoping he wouldn’t hear that. He wanted to see Eugene there. Instead of doing this, however, Forrest Lee blamed Ben Park for the loss of the war when he told Donald. Donald lost it as soon as he heard Forrest’s name and smacked him. He cornered Jimmy afterwards and pointed out that they were already defeated and there was no need in hoping for a comeback. Donald Na’s traumatic history was soon revealed in a flashback.

Gray had visited Eugene in the hospital during this time. As you can see, Eugene wasn’t in tiptop form. The stress had put him into a coma, even though his bodily wounds were treatable. Gray was troubled by this new information. When Eugene’s family gave him the gift he had bought for Gray, however, he felt a crushing pang of regret. Ben, Gray, and the others afterwards pondered their options. Ben made up his decision swiftly to close the Union. Gerard, though, attempted to soothe him. Ben and Donald had just finished arguing briefly when Donald called Ben. He dared Ben to a fight at last.

Weak Hero Chapter 229

Weak Hero Chapter 229: Publication Date

Because the manhwa is nearing its conclusion, the next chapter will likely feature a number of difficult situations and unexpected turns. A release date of January 22, 2023, has been set for Chapter 229 of Weak Hero. The organization’s future course will be laid bare. Naver Webtoon and Kakao have pages where you may read it.