Welcome To Demon School Iruma-kun Season 4: Renewed? New Arc Coming Up!

The story of Welcome To Demon School Iruma-kun Season 4 is something that attracts the most eyeballs. And a lot of the fans still don’t know that the creators have renewed the fourth season. This is also because of the fact that the renewal is the most silent affair in recent times. Along with this, the ongoing manga has some updates for us. So, when was the new season renewed? How soon will it get a premiere date? Well, we have gathered all the updates on this so far.

Demon School is one of the highest-rated comedy manga of recent times. Lately, the manga is garnering an audience that came directly from the anime. Starting in 2017, the manga has a total of thirty-one volumes. However, it was after the anime was released in 2019 that the banner rose to popularity. Bandai Namco Pictures is behind the animation and production of the show. With the successful run of the three seasons, the line for the next one is a long one!

Welcome To Demon School Iruma-Kun Season 4

Welcome To Demon School Iruma-kun Season 4: Renewal Status

Right as the third season was airing in the winter 2023 slate, the announcement of the next season was made in silent notes. For context, Season 3 started airing on October 8, 2022. And the seasons bid farewell on March 4, 2023. After this, there was no official word from any of the castmates or team members of the production. Instead, it was the manga team that took up the responsibility of silently renewing the season. So, Welcome To Demon School Iruma-kun Season 4 is up for a new season.

Welcome To Demon School Iruma-kun Season 4: Official Announcement, The Prank Story!

It was in Welcome To Demon School Iruma-kun Chapter 276 that Season 4 got its final word. In the last panel of the chapter, there was a small box that had a word regarding Welcome To Demon School Iruma-kun Season 4. In this, the translated version said that the creators canceled Season 4. However, upon research, it turned out that the word was more about the renewal of the new season than the cancellation.

The translation team at Kodansha USA was behind this prank. Before the word got out, the cancellation was already big news for a lot of the fans. However, the air got clear much later when the story was said to be a prank. Since this was a silent announcement, there is no teaser, trailer, or poster of Welcome To Demon School Iruma-kun Season 4. For these perks, the viewers will have to wait for some time.

Welcome To Demon School Iruma Kun Season 4

Production Details

The animation and production of the newer seasons seemed far ahead of the first one. This has been the trademark of Bandai Namco Pictures for the longest time. They have never shied away from giving fans what they ask for. Even after being one of the newest companies in the market, it continues to be a bigger name. Commencing operations in 2015, the first show under its name was Battle Spirits. More than thirty shows have come out in the last eight years.

Some of the prominent names include Mariamashita Iruma-Kun and Gintama. The list of the animes shows that the company is capable of producing three to four shows in a year. And it has done so in 2022 and 2023. Thus, it sure will not be a hassle for BNP to produce Welcome To Demon School Iruma-kun Season 4 in 2024 or even this year. A renewal only suggests that the production has either begun or is to commence very soon.

Welcome To Demon School Iruma-Kun Season 4

Source Material Analysis

Mairimashita Iruma-Kun persists in being one of the most well-read comedy manga of all time. Osamu Nishi is the creator of the text. And it first came out on March 2, 2017. As of Mid-2023, there are a total of thirty-one volumes in the text. The official number of chapters is soon to reach 300. Being a shonen banner, the manga continues to be one of the highest-selling concepts of recent times. Until January 2020, the first fifteen volumes of the manga have managed to reach 2.5 million copies in reception.

And by September of 2020, this number climbs to 5 million. Such is the popularity of the banner. Speaking of the anime, the first two seasons of this BNP animation use only 93 chapters in total. After this, Season 3 uses chapters 94 to 146. There are a total of 300 chapters in the text. This means that there is material for two more seasons to come in the future. In fact, while the two seasons go under production, more chapters will be ready for the next one.

What Will Happen In Welcome To Demon School Iruma-kun Season 4?

Currently, the third season has ended with the Post-Harvest Festival Arc of the story. In total, there are three major sagas of Mairismashita Iruma-Kun, namely, the First Term Saga, the Second Term Saga, and the Second Year First Term. Within this, there are 22 arcs in total. Season 3 ended on the 12th arc. After this, we have the Soi Purson Arc in line. This storyline speaks volumes about the titular character. With the music festival approaching, this Pixie boy will try his best to stand out in the class.

The Abnormals will also practice as best as they can to win the Festival. The next one is the Festival, where all the classes participate in order to improve their class ranking. But in the meantime, Purson Soi disappears. The Post-Music Festival Arc is all about the prize distribution and the winners. The rest of the plot has the Akudol Games Arc, where both Iruma and Lied have to keep their promise to Crocell and join the titular games.

Welcome To Demon School Iruma-Kun Season 4

Well, the season ended with a slight hint of the 13 Crowns Arc. This happens to be one of the most important arcs of the story. This storyline will pave the way for Iruma to become the next Demon King of the demon world. Here, the increasing unrest within the Netherworld will urge the 13 Crowns to start looking for the next demon king. And every candidate will have to name one contender to become the king in the future and work for the same.

Reddit & Discussion Analysis

Most of the recent Reddit discussions continue to be about the Welcome To Demon School Iruma-kun Season 4 release date. And the Fall 2024 slate dominates the speculation list. Since all the past releases have been in October, fans believe that this one will also be the same. Apart from this, the talk of the Akudol games is something prominent within the discussions. Also known as the Evidol games, this will be the competition that will take up most of the time in the new season.

In addition, the discussions are also about how the characters of Iruma and Azz evolve over time. While the manga does considerably good work on its own. But the timeline and changes in the anime are something that everyone looks forward to. Character development on its own is something that the fans look forward to in every season.

Welcome To Demon School Iruma-Kun Chapter 276

Welcome To Demon School Iruma-kun Season 4: Release Date

The announcement itself was an unofficial affair, let alone be there a trailer or teaser visual. Thus, the fans would have to wait for some time for any official word from the creators. Since the third season has only come to an end in 2023, the creators will take their due time to bring about the updates. Right now, the anime is certainly not coming back in 2023. By the end of this year, there is sure to be some kind of official word from the showrunners regarding Welcome To Demon School Iruma-kun Season 4. This section will be updated as soon as there is any more detail on this. Thus, keep an eye on TheAnimeDaily for all the latest updates.