What Happens Next in Kana’s Scandal, Chapter 107 of “Oshi No Ko”? Upcoming Release & Spoilers

The Oshi No Ko scandal that involved Kana was the focus of Chapter 106. A variety of family members reacted differently to the controversy. A few were encouraging, while others were discouraging. And the fan’s hope that Aqua and Ruby may collaborate has been blown to bits. In addition, the events of Chapter 107 of Oshi No Ko will provide readers with plenty of suspense. There will be a revelation of hidden history. Aqua and Ruby’s relationship can be repaired through the reveal. However, the next chapter won’t be as dismal and depressing as the last.

Previous episode showed how difficult it was for Aqua and Ruby to be around Ai. When it comes to Ai, Ruby sees a goddess, whereas Aqua sees a human being. Ruby serves only Ai’s interests. Aqua and Ruby’s reactions if they hear that Ai only wants their happiness are something to watch out for.

Oshi No Ko

What Happens Next?

The ongoing conflict between the twins is explored in Chapter 107 of Oshi No Ko. Ruby may not understand it now, but Aqua is acting in her best interest. In the end, she’ll learn that Aqua sacrificed everything for her safety. In addition, the controversy can no longer affect Kana. In the next episode, she will finally be able to show her appreciation. The twins’ meteoric climb to stardom is also depicted in the upcoming chapter. Ruby will be able to make her mother, Ai’s, dream of performing in the dome come true in the process.

The twins’ connection could either worsen or improve in the future. Aqua’s prior incarnation will be revealed in Chapter 107. This new information will alter the course of the narrative. However, Kana may end up telling Aqua how she feels about him instead of thanking him.

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Review on the Prior Chapter!

Chapter 106 of Oshi No Ko begins with Kana’s controversy, which Aquamarine tries to ignore. When he reveals his mom’s secret, he surprises his audience. A son and a brother, he admits that he is one of his mother’s twins. While many fans are understanding about this development, others are deeply saddened. whereas this news has Ruby feeling down. Ruby still wants to protect Kana from the truth. She insists, though, that she would never be the one to spill her mother’s secret in such a public way. In her mind, Aqua lied to his mom. The situation has made her dislike him, and even despise him, in part.

Since the controversy broke, the twins have gained significant online attention. Similarly, they are in high demand in the television industry as of late. More and more interviews are being conducted with Ruby regarding her mom. After Aqua comes to Kana’s rescue, she makes a decision to repay his kindness at some point in the future.

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Chapter 107 of Oshi No Ko: When to Expect It

On the first of February, 2023 at 12:00 a.m. JST, Oshi No Ko Chapter 107 will be made available. The webtoon is distributed by Shueisha through their Shonen Jump+ service. The English adaptations of the series are also being released by Shueisha. You should read the new chapter as quickly as it is published.