What Happens to Sasuke in Boruto? Speculations and Hypotheses

As well as Naruto, Sasuke has become a beloved character for many readers of the Naruto series. Fans are still holding out hope that Sasuke will appear in Boruto 2, despite his minor role in the first film.

Sasuke, however, may not be an exception to Naruto’s penchant for killing off major characters. Sasuke’s fans are worried for his life after several chapters in Boruto raised major red flags for his demise.

But don’t worry, Sasuke hasn’t died in the Boruto manga or anime yet. Some fans are convinced he is dead because of a post-time-jump scene in which Boruto fights Kawaki with Sasuke’s sword and carries Sasuke’s belongings.

Let’s check out all the indicators that Sasuke’s death is near, and see if there’s a chance he’ll make it.

Sasuke’s Death Flags

In the Boruto manga, there are many small clues that point to Sasuke’s death. One of the most recent chapters, chapter 75, has a scene that makes our doubts even stronger.

1. Post-time-skip Sasuke’s sword, headband, and cloak

A brief flash-forward sequence showed us an adult Kawaki and Boruto fighting at the very start of the manga. In this scene, Boruto fights Kawaki while clad in Sasuke’s cloak and wearing his headband.

Boruto using Sasuke’s sword and wearing Sasuke’s cloak and headband
Boruto using Sasuke’s sword and wearing Sasuke’s cloak and headband

Kawaki’s brash threat to Boruto, that the young shinobi will go the same place he sent the Seventh Hokage, indicates that Naruto is in a critical condition.

Since Sasuke does not appear in the future, we can assume he is just as bad off, if not worse. In chapter 75, when Boruto and his friends are supposed to be on the hunt for a rogue Kawaki, he is also nowhere to be found in Boruto’s vision of the future.

Does Sasuke Die in Boruto?
Does Sasuke Die in Boruto?

Future Boruto transporting Sasuke’s possessions doesn’t prove Sasuke’s impending death, though. Sasuke could be held prisoner by Kawaki in some parallel universe.

2. Sasuke’s resolve

After failing to protect Boruto, Sasuke has a quick talk with him in chapter 69. Boruto admits that, in order to protect his hometown, he would have been willing to die at Kawaki’s hands, and that Kawaki fully comprehended his sacrifice.

But when Sasuke thinks back on Boruto’s words again later, he finds them even more ominous. The words “showing his own resolve” come out of his mouth.

In the same way that Boruto’s determination meant he would give up his own life, Sasuke’s determination may foreshadow the same thing for him.

Why Sasuke Won’t Die? Potential Reasons

It’s possible that Sasuke won’t die in Boruto, despite the series’ numerous “death flags” for the veteran ninja.

There’s no denying the fact that Sasuke, as a character, has a sizable following among Naruto fans. Seeing Naruto and Sasuke, two of the series’ most popular heroes, back in action is what keeps many readers going with Boruto.

Many readers of the Sasuke manga will be devastated by the decision to end his life. In the long run, this could hurt the manga’s marketability and sales.

After losing his Rinnegan Jutsu to Isshiki Otsutsuki, Sasuke has already suffered significant “nerfs” to his abilities. Although he retains some strength despite his defeat at Isshiki’s hands, he no longer poses the same threat he did before he lost Rinnegan, a hand, and an eye.

Sasuke losing his Rinnegan
Sasuke losing his Rinnegan

Sasuke is not a major threat at this point in the manga, and he hasn’t even had a full arc yet, so killing him now would be extremely unsatisfying.


Creator Masashi Kishimoto writes and draws the pages of the manga series Naruto. It first appeared in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump on September 21, 1999, and ran until the November 10, 2014 issue. It has been compiled into 72 tankbon volumes so far.

Part II of the anime series, Naruto Shippuden, depicts a more mature Naruto attempting to rescue his friend Sasuke while also dealing with the looming threat posed by the criminal organization Akatsuki, who have their sights set on him as part of their larger scheme.