What’s Next for Foundation? Creator Teases S3 After Jaw-Dropping Finale

The creator of Foundation, David S. Goyer, is already teasing fans with what to expect from season 3 after the jaw-dropping season 2 finale. The show is based on Isaac Asimov’s acclaimed sci-fi novel, featuring Jared Harris and Lee Pace as the main stars. 

Foundation season 2 wrapped up with a stunning finale full of surprises, excitement, and some heartbreaking deaths. However, the show’s future is still up for grabs, as Apple TV and Skydance Studios have not confirmed season 3 due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strikes.

Goyer spoke to The Wrap about his decisions for the show, such as blowing up planets and killing off beloved characters, and also answered some burning questions. He hinted at what Foundation season 3 could bring and even acknowledged the fans’ concerns about the show’s renewal. Here is what he said:

It’s bonkers what happens in Season 3. I remember reading online last week people’s reactions to 209 going, “Oh my God, how can the show survive” and then thinking oh there are so many more things that happen in the next episode, and then there’s even crazier things that happen in Season 3. I’m really excited. I hope to get the word on Season 3 as soon as the strike is over. I will also do a little plug which is on my website, I’ve been releasing show notes and behind-the-scenes pics, and then I’ve reluctantly joined Instagram and hopefully as we wait for a Season 3 pickup I’ll be trickling out various behind the scenes videos and stills.

You know, Apple and Skydance are extremely happy with our Season 2 performance that the audience has unquestionably built. I just think the feeling is that in deference to the twin strikes that are happening now, it would be bad form to do something like that. But I’m very optimistic. 

Apple TV has not yet confirmed the renewal of Foundation for a third season, even though creator David Goyer is hopeful that it will happen. The ongoing Hollywood strikes may be the main reason for this delay, but other factors could be involved too. For example, Apple may be waiting to see how the show performs in terms of viewership and ratings before making a decision. 

However, Foundation has plenty of material to draw from for future seasons, as it is based on a series of seven novels and prequels by Isaac Asimov. Goyer also revealed that he has planned the show up to season 4 and could go further if there is enough demand. He hinted that season 3 and beyond would explore the backstory of the mysterious Demerzel, one of the show’s central characters.

The final episode of season 2 shocked us with some unexpected deaths but left a window of opportunity for new stories to answer the lingering questions. It would be smart for Apple TV to renew the show quickly so that the fans stay excited, and the stars have something to look forward to when the strikes are over. Until then, we have no choice but to wait patiently for the official announcement of Foundation’s season 3.

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About Foundation

Apple TV’s sci-fi epic Foundation from showrunner David S. Goyer and Skydance Television is based on author Isaac Asimov’s trilogy of novels. It stars Jared Harris and Lee Pace alongside newcomers Lou Llobell and Leah Harvey.

The show was renewed for a second season before the first season completed airing. The show premiered on Apple TV on September 24.

It chronicles the stories of four crucial individuals transcending space and time as they overcome deadly crises, shifting loyalties and complicated relationships that will ultimately determine the fate of humanity.

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