When is Heavenly Delusion Chapter 62 is coming out?

Fans of Heavenly Delusion will have to wait a bit longer for the release of chapter 62, as the manga is published monthly in the Monthly Afternoon magazine (typically, a new chapter is released on the 25th of each month, barring any volume breaks or public holidays). While this may be disappointing for fans eagerly anticipating the next installment, it’s a common practice for monthly manga series to have a set release schedule.

Heavenly Delusion

Which chapters season 1 covered and 2nd Season announcement?

The anime adaptation of Heavenly Delusion Season 1 aired from April to June in 2023 and was well-received by fans for its captivating sense of mystery and nuanced character relationships. The anime covered the manga chapters up to 38. At the Crunchyroll anime awards 2024, ‘heavenly delusion’ anime also secured the title for the ‘Best new series’ category.

However, there has been no announcement regarding a new season for the anime. While fans may be eagerly anticipating future developments and adaptations of the series, it’s important to note that production schedules and decisions can often be unpredictable and subject to change. So, stay tuned for Updates!

Heavenly Delusion

Heavenly Delusion Plot:

Fifteen years ago, a disaster struck human civilization, leaving the world in ruins. Man-eating monsters now roam the land, posing an existential threat to the remaining survivors. Amid this turmoil, a group of children have found refuge in a sheltered facility. The facility provides them with a safe haven and nurtures them in peace, away from the dangers of the outside world.

However, as some of the children grow older, they become increasingly curious about the world outside the confines of their nursery’s walls. They start to explore the abandoned cities and towns, hoping to find other survivors and perhaps a way to rebuild their shattered world.

Meanwhile, in the outside world, two young survivors named Maru and Kiruko have banded together to search for a special place called ‘Heaven’. Maru is driven by a desire for revenge against the monsters that killed her family, while Kiruko hopes to find answers to the mysteries of the world and the tragedy that befell her own family.

As they journey through the desolate wasteland, Maru and Kiruko encounter other survivors, each with their own reasons for seeking out Heaven. Along the way, they must confront the monsters that threaten their lives and unravel the secrets of the world they live in. Will they find the answers they seek, or will they succumb to the dangers that lurk around every corner?

Heavenly Delusion chapter 62

When will Heavenly Delusion Chapter 62 will be released?

The latest volume, Volume 10, was just released this month. It’s worth noting that the author takes a one-month break during new volume releases. As a result, readers will have to wait until late March for the next chapter to be available. According to the various release timings in different regions, it’s anticipated that, the Heavenly Delusion Chapter 62 will likely be published on the 24th or 25th of the month.

Where to read ‘Heavenly Delusion’ Chapter 62?

You can freely read the Heavenly Delusion Chapter 62 when it’s released, on heavenly delusion manga.