Who is an Architect in Solo Leveling? | His Creation, Important Role & Powers

Architect in Solo Leveling

In the very first episode of the Solo Leveling anime, you already saw plenty of statues and their incredible powers. In today’s post, you will get all your answers related to statues and their creators, such as who is an Architect in Solo Leveling and its power level.

Here we will also share information about his other creation and what relationship he shares with monarchs. So let’s get straight to this informative post and know everything about the Architect in Solo Leveling and how important his role is.

Who is an Architect in Solo Leveling?

Who is Architect
Source: Solo Leveling Manhwa

Architect is a huge stone statue who had six wings, eight arms, and scarlet-red eyes. He is always wearing a hooded outfit and carries a cruel smile on his face, which gives him a demonic look. His loyalty is quite evident to monarchs from his cruel and egotistical behavior towards humans.

In order to get immortality, he made a contract with Ashborn, one of the strongest monarchs in Solo Leveling. According to their contract, he will help him find a suitable human vessel for him. However, after knowing the hidden motive of Ashborn behind finding the human vessel, he became very angry and tried to stop him. 

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All Major Creations of the Architect in Solo Leveling

Architect's All Creation
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Architect is the ultimate creator and is mainly known for his epic creations, which you all see in Solo Leveling anime. So let’s moving forward to all the creations of Architect in Solo Leveling.


Throughout the series, you will see several powerful statues-like monsters. Each of the statues was created by Architect and was exceptionally strong. Out of all his created statues, “Statue of God” is the strongest and was ranked as a S-rank monster. This is the same evil smiling statue whom you saw in the first episode of the Solo Leveling Anime. Architect created the Statue of God as the perfect stone copy of Absolute Being, which makes it his only masterpiece. 


Aside from creating powerful statues, Architect is also the one who creates the “System.” He created this system, especially for Ashborn, to find a suitable human vessel for him. Moreover, he not only creates but also moderates it on his own, such as choosing Sung Jinwoo as Player of the System.

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How Important Is an Architect in Solo Leveling?

Architect's role
Source: Solo Leveling Manhwa

Architect is the only popular and strongest Solo Leveling character who does not belong to any groups, whether it be a hunter association, rulers, or monarchs. From the very start of the series, he shows his importance by depicting his ultimate statue creations. His statues serve as the beginning villains of the series, which hooked everyone’s attention.

After that, Sung Jinwoo, the main character, achieved the overpowering power just because of “System,” which was also created by Architect. As a result, Architect and his creation play the most important role in the series by keeping the story interesting and thrilling.

Moreover, he did not stop there but also became the dungeon boss of Double Dungeon, one of the strongest dungeons in Solo Leveling. In this dungeon raid, Architect shows his exceptional strength and wide range of supernatural abilities.

Power Level of an Architect in Solo Leveling

power level of Architect in Solo Leveling
Source: Solo Leveling Manhwa

Architect is an S-rank magical beast and the hidden dungeon boss of an S-rank dungeon. If his statue, especially the Statue of God, is incredibly strong, then you yourself can estimate how strong he himself is. Being the creator of statues, he has all control over his statues, whom he controls as his puppets.

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His telekinesisability allows him to move and control objects to any extent. Architect also excellently shows his formidable strength, speed, and durability in his fight against Sung Jinwoo. In this epic fight, he gave him so much trouble and put up the toughest duel against him. Being the creator of the system, he had exceptional power within the system and could do anything he wished to do by moderating it.


That’s it for the post! We hope you found this post useful and know everything about Architect in Solo Leveling. Not only did he play an important role in the series, his creation also played a major role. Whether you like him or hate him, he will definitely grab your attention.

After all, he has everything to catch your attention: an evil look, a sadistic personality, an incredible power level, and lastly, his masterpiece creation. Stay tuned for more Solo Leveling posts and upcoming anime releases.