Who is the Main Villain in Vinland Saga?

Yukimura has developed an engrossing series called Vinland Saga. The story is compelling, the characters are interesting, and they grow and change in plausible ways.

The story takes place during the time of the Vikings, so there is plenty of bloodshed and plundering. The story’s moral ambiguity makes it difficult to label any of the characters as good or bad.

The term “antagonist” is used here to refer to the individual or group actively working against our protagonist, Thorfinn, rather than to the “villain” of the series.

So, let’s discover who Season 2’s and the show’s overall antagonist will be.

Although Floki is not the only villain in Vinland Saga, he is the most prominent. All the key events happened because of him, and Thorfinn suffered greatly since he hired Askeladd to assassinate Thors.

Thorfinn’s Self-Discovery Journey

War and conflict dominated the first season of Vinland. All that mattered to Thorfinn was exacting his vengeance on Askeladd. Thorfinn saw Askeladd as the antagonist of his tale.

Different from the first season, Season 2 picks up the pace. Following Thorfinn’s exposure to Canute’s murder of Askeladd, he became disillusioned with life. He has no will to live after being sold off as a slave to Ketils farm.

In this arc, we accompany Thorfinn as he makes the revelation of who he truly is. Thorfinn appears to be adopting his father’s peaceful values and perspective.

Ketil, the Farmland Arc’s Primary Villain!

In the second season of Vinland Saga, Ketil plays a significant role as the antagonist of the Farmland arc. At first glance, Ketil appears to be an upstanding slave owner who acts in accordance with his personal moral code.

He advocated freeing slaves and giving them a chance to prove themselves worthy of freedom. However, as the plot developed, it became clear that his entire persona is a mask.

When things were going well for him, he pretended to be a giving and kind person. But as soon as things started to go wrong, he resorted to horrible measures.

After Arnheid attempted to leave her husband, he beat her till she lost her baby and died.

Another time, Ketil’s defiance caused the needless deaths of many farmers who fought against Canute’s army.

One-Man Show by Floki!

In the Vinland Saga books, Floki plays a significant role as an adversary. Since he was a kid, he’s felt inferior to everyone except Thors, which has made him bitter and petty. For a long time he harbored resentment at Thors. Floki was vile because of his betrayal and lack of loyalty.

Floki hired Askeladd to assassinate Thors, setting off a chain reaction that drives the plot and establishes him as the series’ primary villain. The pain and anguish he brought upon Thorfinn, who looked up to his father, was immeasurable.

Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga

Japanese author and artist Makoto Yukimura created the Vinland Saga manga series. Kodansha’s Monthly Afternoon, a monthly manga magazine for young adult men, is the home of this series. A total of 26 tankbon volumes have been released thus far.

Thorfinn, a teenage Viking, has a rough go of it when his famous retired warrior father, Thors, is slain on a journey early in the Vinland Saga.

As a result, Thorfinn must submit to the authority of his nemesis, the man responsible for his father’s death. The story of the anime is inspired by the voyage that Thorfinn Karlsefni took in quest of Vinland.