Will Ijin Survive? – Teenage Mercenary Chapter 120 Date of Release

The protagonist is currently in perilous circumstances. He’s getting into an argument with his old comrades while trying to explain that he wasn’t the one who betrayed them. Most of them blame him alone for their isolation from society. In the opening scene of Chapter 120 of Teenage Mercenary, the police storm into the room where these agents are battling. Without further ado, here is all you need to know about the new section.

In the next chapter, readers will see that Ijin has given up on winning the hearts of these agents. Now, his primary goal is to get as many people back to safety as possible. How intact of an exit does he anticipate?

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What Comes Next in Teenage Mercenary Chapter 120?

The upcoming Mercenary Enrollment event will undoubtedly be the most exciting one yet. And this symbol was visible on the previous chapter’s journey. In response, the government dispatched its finest to engage the mercenary operatives. However, Ijin was present there as well. As a result, he faces a significant danger from this as well. Getting out of there without serious harm would be a miracle. Now is the time for him to choose between getting even and moving on.

This might be a crucial moment in the boy’s life. The governmental action in this matter will be examined in Teenage Mercenary Chapter 120. Will Ijin be taken into custody as well? Truth be told, we won’t know till the next chapter is released.

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Previous Chapter Review!

Chapter 119 of Teenage Mercenary begins with a talkative scene. At this point, Agent 002 was the one peppering Ijin with questions. The narrative abruptly shifts to a scene from the past. The time had come when everyone promised not to betray one another. When they were all in immediate danger, though, they broke the silence. And now in the present day, 002 has begun kicking Ijin for shattering the team.

The manner in which Ijin was defending, however, indicated that an increase in strength was warranted. The dramatic improvement in his knife abilities and defensive strategies astounded everyone. In addition, 002 was beginning to feel the strain of falling further and further behind as the battle progressed. The chapter ends with the agents realizing they are in imminent danger. The whole team was there to put an end to the trouble these thugs were causing.

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Chapter 120 of Teenage Mercenary: Publication Date

It’s not necessary to rush back to work after this break. This is due to the release of the following chapter in the next two days. After Chapter 120 of Teenage Mercenary, there will be a lot more mayhem to see on the big screen. It looks like we’ll have to wait until January 21, 2023 to read the rest of the chapter. Only on the official Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage pages will fans be able to read the latest chapters of the manga.