Will Thorfinn Ever Outperform His Father In The Vinland Saga?

Thorfinn’s obsession with punishing Askeladd for killing his father permeates the first chapters of the manga. He spent years in training and virtually his whole life on the battlefield to become vengeful Thors.

Through the course of the manga, he underwent extraordinary development and made significant strides toward improvement. Despite this remarkable development, he is still significantly weaker than his father Thors. Will he ever be able to outshine Thors, despite his ceaseless efforts at self-improvement? What is it?

Thorfinn is a powerful fighter, even by manga standards. But he couldn’t even beat Thorkell, who was far weaker than Thors, thus Thorfinn clearly hasn’t caught up to Thors. Since he has stopped trying to win, he may never be able to compete with Thors.

A Stroll Through Thorfinn’s Strength Training!

Thorfinn was a kind, naive young man who yearned for exciting new experiences. He admired his father and vowed to become just like him. But everything changes for Thors once he is murdered by the mercenary Askeladd.

He vowed retribution and spent his entire life fighting. He didn’t care about anyone but himself and his goal of killing Askeladd. Fighting again and over again strengthened him.

During this period, he made incredible strides forward with each victory. Since he was on the shorter side and preferred to use knives, he had to rely on his quickness to defeat his foes. He was incredibly accurate, and he seldom got hurt.

As soon as Askeladd was murdered by Canute, however, this desire for power vanished. After being sold into slavery for hurting Canute, he fell into a deep depression and lost all will to fight.

Thorfinn recovered enough to want to live, but after experiencing nightmares about the people he murdered, he turned pacifist. When he had a good excuse, he opted not to use it on anyone.

Can Thorfinn become as powerful as Thor?

If we’re using approximate estimates, it’s reasonable to assume that Thorfinn has a long way to go before he catches up to Thors. There was a good chance that Thorfinn may become even more formidable than Thors if he continued to battle.

But Thorfinn has chosen not to fight anymore and instead pursue a more calm approach. Following the peaceful path will prevent him from becoming powerful enough to challenge Thors.

In any case, life is difficult, and things rarely go as planned. In the event that Thorfinn returns to battle, he may be able to surpass his father’s might.

Thors, the strongest fighter!
Thors, the strongest fighter!

When will Thorfinn return to battle?

In the most recent chapter, Thorfinn makes the decision to construct a fantastical kingdom. The indigenous are resistant to his peacemaking efforts since they do not want to be invaded. Because of this, he is in a difficult position.

Thorfinn must decide whether or not to abandon his pacifist principles in favor of the use of force to realize his goal. Thorfinn’s return to battle looks more feasible given the current circumstances. But he would struggle not in vain, but for the fulfillment of a lifelong ambition.

These are all viable hypotheses, but we’ll have to wait and see how the final season plays out to know for sure.

Vinland Saga

History buffs will enjoy Makoto Yukimura’s Vinland Saga comic. Kodansha’s Monthly Afternoon, a monthly manga magazine focused towards young adult males, is the home of this series. There are currently 26 tankbon collections available.

In Vinland Saga, a young man named Thorfinn’s life goes off the rails after his father, Thors, a famous retired warrior, is slain on a voyage.

As a result, Thorfinn must submit to the authority of his nemesis, the man responsible for his father’s death. The journey of Thorfinn Karlsefni to find Vinland serves as inspiration for this anime.