5 Netflix Romantic Films Guaranteed to Leave You in Tears

It’s hard to imagine a more ideal genre for a Netflix binge than a romantic television drama. If you’re looking to spice up your viewing experience and acquire the motivation to mend fences with your significant other or reconcile with an ex, a heartbreaking romance film is just what the doctor ordered. Whatever the situation may be, you can count on us to have you covered by providing a list of the 5 most romantic movies now streaming on Netflix.

5 romantic films on netflix

Romantic Films

Everyone can locate a number of other romantic films that will undoubtedly move them to tears. These are some of them:

Romantic FilmsDirector/ Year
All the Bright PlacesBrett Haley, in 2020
Irreplaceable YouStephanie Laing, in 2018
Marriage StoryNoah Baumbach, in 2019
Someone GreatJennifer Kaytin Robinson, in 2019

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Lady Chatterley’s Lover (2022)

Based on a novel by D. H. Lawrence published in 1928, this film is a romantic drama directed by Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre. It chronicles the narrative of Lady Constance Chatterley. Clifford is Connie’s spouse and returns from World War I with a handicap below the waist. After seeing that his wife has become less of a priority and more interested in taking advantage of others, Connie begins dating gamekeeper Oliver Mellors. Why people cheat in their relationships is a mystery to many. In spite of the fact that some viewers may have excused Connie’s actions due to the gravity of the situation, this does not indicate that the vast majority support her choice. She found love again despite criticism from others who stated a devoted partner would never leave a suffering marriage.

Lady Chatterley's Lover

Clifford was Connie’s first real love, but as time went on, she started to loathe him. Things get worse after Clifford initially fails to provide the physical care Connie requires because he puts his own interests before of hers. Hilda, Connie, and Connie’s sister, convinces him to hire Mrs. Bolton. Connie will wear herself out attempting to take care of him, and Hilda knows this. Clifford’s cruel comments about the local coal miners and his insistence that they lack sympathy because of their status have caused Connie to withdraw from him and eventually develop complete disdain for him.


Let’s say you’re interested in a romantic story that will make you rethink your views on gender roles and the significance of sating your partner’s sexual desires. Lady Chatterley’s Lover is a great read for you if this is the case. This ranks among the best examples of bleak love stories. Performances by the following actors/actresses were provided for the film:

  • Lady Chatterley/Constance “Connie” Reid – Emma Corrin
  • Oliver Mellors – Jack O’Connell
  • Sir Clifford Chatterley – Matthew Duckett
  • Mrs Bolton – Joely Richardson
  • Mrs Flint – Ella Hunt
  • Hilda – Faye Marsay

A Jazzman’s Blues (2022)

If you enjoyed Tyler Perry’s prior works as much as we have, this one is a sure bet for you. A teenage jazz pianist is the protagonist of this period romantic tragedy from Tyler Perry Studios, now streaming on Netflix. He meets and falls in love with a local girl named Leanne Jean Harper, better known by her nickname Bucket, while he is working as a teacher in the Jim Crow Deep South of Georgia State.

In “A Jazzman’s Blues,” you’ll be softly guided through a story of love that endures through adversity, and the experience will leave you feeling deeply affected.

The ominous undercurrents bring to mind terrible moments in history when black people were forced to flee for their lives. Tyler was given more creative freedom to experiment with the story and provide more meaning. Although he is often changing directions, he manages to keep everything from falling apart. Take a seat, grab some popcorn, and watch the show to find out what occurs.

Purple Hearts (2022)

If you’re the type who gets amped up by reading both positive and bad reviews of a film on different social media platforms, then ‘Purple Hearts’ is the kind of film you’d want to see. As soon as the movie came out, rumors began circulating online and in the mainstream media that it was based on racist and sexist stereotypes and that it was a love story shown on Netflix that exposed a previously unknown aspect of American society. Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum helmed the film that stars Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine, and it has been viewed for over 100 million hours. The movie is now available for streaming on Netflix and is anticipated to become a staple of the streaming service’s original content.

Previous owner of the film rights was Alloy Entertainment until 2021, when Netflix made an offer and was successful in getting the rights. Cassie, a young aspiring singer with diabetes and little money for insulin, and Luke, a young soldier about to be deployed to Iraq, are at the story’s center. The proverb “opposites attract” was intended to be demonstrated by the stark contrast between the two main characters. His girlfriend Cassie is a feminist who is against discrimination, in contrast to Luke, who is a conservative who wants to go to war in the Middle East. Contrarily, Luke is eager to get to the Middle East and end up fighting.

The Characters

They are doomed from the outset to be bitter enemies, and that animosity only intensifies. Despite this, they decide to fake their wedding in order to receive spouse perks from the military. Cassie has a better chance of getting the medical attention she needs if Luke accepts this agreement and pays off his debt to a drug dealer. Performances by the following actors/actresses were provided for the film:

  • Cassie Salazar – Sofia Carson
  • Luke Morrow – Nicholas Galitzine
  • Frankie – Chosen Jacobs
  • Toby – John Harlan Kim
  • Nora – Kat Cunning
  • Jacob Morrow Sr. – Linden Ashby

Passing (2021)

The ending of this tragic love story takes viewers by surprise. It takes pleasure in posing more problems for its readers than it does in providing answers. Passing is Rebecca Hall’s first feature-length directing effort (The Prestige). A major issue in both the novel and the movie is racial passing, the practice through which African Americans with lighter skin tones might gain acceptance and escape segregation. The author, Nella, drew on her experiences growing up as a woman of mixed ethnic background to shape the storyline of her novel. Since the 1920s were a terrible time for persons of color in the United States, racial passing became more widespread. In Passing, Irene and Clare aren’t motivated by a desire for whiteness or social approval; rather, they’re propelled by a yearning for the past. Performances by the following actors/actresses were provided for the film:

  • Irene “Reenie” Redfield – Tessa Thompson
  • Clare Bellew – Ruth Negga
  • Brian Redfield – André Holland
  • Hugh Wentworth – Bill Camp
  • John Bellew – Alexander Skarsgard
  • Dave Freedland – Gbenga Akinnagbe

The Last Letter From Your Lover (2021)

You will be completely absorbed, completely intrigued, and possibly even brought to tears by “The Last Letter From Your Lover.” This type of fiction is “The Last Letter From Your Lover,” which focuses on four main characters. It will appeal to moviegoers who go in with the expectation that they will leave the theater with unanswered questions about the film’s ending and then look for answers online. Jennifer and Anthony’s long and winding courtship is a good case in point. Jennifer Stirling, played by Woodley, is a miserable person who hates her existence. And yet, despite her professional success and her marriage to her soul mate, Laurence, she can’t shake the feeling that her life is lacking something. Jennifer and Laurence went on a trip to the French Riviera, where she met and got close to Anthony. They became instantaneous companions after their chance meeting. They run away together when their friendship develops into love.

Ellie and Rory are the story’s second couple. Ellie is skeptical of love and relationships, yet she can’t help but be interested in a century-old love letter. During the course of her investigation, she and Rory arrive at the solution. They’ve also rekindled their attraction and are getting closer than before. Ellie’s reticence to talk about how she feels about Rory comes as a surprise to most people. The film ends on a sorrowful note, but it’s possible some viewers will have questions even after seeing it.