Akita Shoten Announces ‘Cocoon’ by Machiko Ky as an Anime for War Comics

The main characters of “Cocoon,” a manga by Machiko Ky, are San and her best friend Mayu, two students at the best all-girls school on the island. Soon after school begins, war breaks out in their country, and the students throw themselves into the fight.

San and Mayu see their pals getting killed off one by one as the situation becomes more and more dangerous. The manga’s success can be attributed to its ability to convey, from a child’s perspective, the true agony and devastation of war.

Akita Shoten announced on Tuesday that NHK will air an anime adaptation of Machiko Ky’s Cocoon manga in the summer of 2025. Hitomi Tateno, a veteran animator from Studio Ghibli, produced the animation, and Sasayuri created the anime. The format of the anime was not mentioned in the announcement.

The main image depicts San awash in blood and surrounded by flames. In addition, Ky published the comic in 2010, which was 65 years after WWII had ended.

I think the upcoming ‘Cocoon Wartime’ anime is going to be a tearjerker and emotional, so it’s great to see the manga being turned into an anime for the 80th anniversary of the conclusion of the Pacific War.

Cocoon Wartime

Published in 2010, 65 years after the war ended, “cocoon” is a war manga by Machiko Kyo.

San and her closest friend Mayu are the protagonists of this manga, and they attend the best all-girls school on the island where the story takes place. There will soon be war in their country, and the students will be called upon to help with both the fighting and the treatment of the wounded on the back lines.

San and Mayu’s friends are dying off one by one as the fight heats up.