Officially in Production: ‘Golden Kamuy’s Final Act Adaptation

One of the most original works in the shonen/ seinen genre, “Golden Kamuy” stands out from the crowd. Its location in a war-torn planet and the indigenous culture, mixed with historical inspiration and well-known historical people, make it a compelling watch.

The season finale aired on Monday, but longtime viewers have been anxious about what will happen next. For understandable reasons, the remaining episodes of the season weren’t released until this year, despite having originally aired in 2022.

The final arc (also known as the Hakodate Arc) of the ‘Golden Kamuy’ anime was confirmed to be adapted on Monday via the official website. Immediately following the season finale, the news was announced, and a picture of Tokushirou Tsurumi was shown.

Announcement Visual for ‘Golden Kamuy’ Final Arc 
Announcement Visual for ‘Golden Kamuy’ Final Arc

Six episodes of the fourth season were shown in October 2022 before the show’s premiere was postponed. A key staff member’s death caused the delay. Without naming anyone, staff members discussed delaying production because of this “indispensable” employee.

The fourth season of ‘Golden Kamuy’ returned on April 3 with the premiere of Episode 1. Rather than the standard 12 episodes, this season had 13, and it covered the following plot points:

  • The Karafuto Arc, Once Again
  • The Hokkaido Comeback Saga
  • Bear Man’s Story
  • Arc de Boutarou le Pirate
  • The Beginning of the Town of Reunions Saga

While ‘Golden Kamuy’ is often overlooked, it’s also notorious for leaving out important manga chapters. Because of this, news of a conclusion arc didn’t come as much of a shock. I wish they would have adapted the whole thing, but at least the anime won’t finish after season 4.

Golden Kamuy

Satoru Noda adapted his manga series Golden Kamuy into a film. The seinen magazine Weekly Young Jump began serializing it in August of 2014. The final chapter of the manga was published in April of 2022, and the compiled 31 volumes.

Saichi Sugimoto, a war hero from the Russo-Japanese conflict, is the protagonist.

He hears rumors about Ainu gold and decides to go on a journey to find it because he needs money so badly. He is soon joined by Asirpa, a young Ainu girl.

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