‘Am I Actually the Strongest?’ First Video! Buzzes Worldwide

Isekai anime are typically entertaining and heartfelt works of imagination. The narrative “Am I Actually the Strongest?” exemplifies the genre since it combines action with contemplation, character development, and superb animation.

As “Am I Actually the Strongest?” is read, Isekai readers cringe. There are just a few months left until the next season of anime premieres, and I, for one, cannot wait. There is still some time to go, but in the meantime, new information about the anime has been made available on the official website.

On Monday, the official website began streaming the first promotional trailer for the upcoming television anime adaptation of Sai Sumimori’s novel series ‘Am I Actually the Strongest?’ The PV also featured the first official look at some of the anime’s voice actors. The next anime adaptation by Staple Entertainment is scheduled for a July 2023 release.

The first trailer for the show introduces us to Hart’s new world and the folks he meets there.

More of the series’ characters was also introduced in the trailer:

CharacterCastOther Works
LizaWakana KuramochiCuff (The Duke of Death and His Maid)
LaiusShinnosuke TachibanaAoshi (BLUELOCK)
MarianneManaka IwamiAkane (Oshi no Ko)
IrisphiliaAmi KoshimizuHolo (Spice and Wolf)
TearMisaki KunoFaputa (Made in Abyss)

Ayumu Murase has been cast as the recluse Hart Zenfis, who has been reborn in another planet as a helpless infant. Atsumi Tanezaki plays Hart’s sister Charlotte Zenfis. Flay, a Fenrir who became Hart’s servant after an event, is portrayed by Ayaka Shimizu.

Members of the supporting cast who are hard at work are:

PositionStaffOther Works
DirectorTakashi NaoyaTales of Wedding Rings
Assistant Director Matsuo AsamiVal x Love
Script SupervisorTakahashiTHE [email protected] Cinderella Girls
Script WriterTakahashi and Tetsuya YamadaWorld’s End Harem
Character DesignerShōko YasudaHappy Sugar Life

New anime “Am I Actually the Strongest?” has an incredible main cast and a fantastic production team, and it looks like it will be a must-watch for fans of the isekai and fantasy genres.

Am I Actually the Strongest?

Am I Actually the Strongest?

Am I Actually the Strongest? written by Sai Sumimori, and is a series of isekai novels. It debuted in 2018, and a manga adaptation followed.

The protagonist of the show is a recluse who is given a second chance. He has a second chance at life as a member of a royal family, but is ultimately rejected and left for dead.

As time goes on, Hart learns that he must use his immense magical strength to make it through this perilous realm inhabited by fantastical creatures.