Witches Struggle with Parenting in Fall Anime “Dekoboko Majo”

In the lighthearted tale “Dekoboko Majo no Oyako Jijō”, a witch and her human kid apprentice are foster parents to one another. A comedy series may make you laugh no matter what’s going on in your life. However, visually, it will be very confusing.

The ‘illusion of role reversal’ is something that will take some getting used to, whether you’re reading the manga or waiting for the anime. The primary characters joke around and make it easy on the reader.

The promotional video and main image for “Dekoboko Majo no Oyako Jijō” were unveiled by the production team on Saturday. More cast and crew members were introduced, and an October 2018 release date was announced.

The humorous tone is perfectly captured in the preview, which shows Alyssa struggling as a mom with Viola. Viola, who is only 16, looks mature for her age yet has intense feelings. At 223 years old, Alyssa still treats her like a child, but she has no idea how to resist caving to her demands.

Viola would be played by Nana Mizuki, and Alyssa would be voiced by Aoi Koga, as was previously announced. There were three additional cast members unveiled:

CharacterVoice ArtistOther Works
PhoenixTakaya HashiGerry Strydum (Baki Hanma)
LyraRomi ParkEdward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
NarratorKana HanazawaMitsuri Kanroji (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba)

First Key Visual for ‘Dekoboko Majo no Oyako Jijō’
First Key Visual for ‘Dekoboko Majo no Oyako Jijō’

The vast bulk of the production staff were introduced in the advertisement. These are the key people in charge of the anime:

PositionStaffOther Works
DirectorMasahiro TakataHigh-Rise Invasion
Character DesignMiwa YoshidaTokyo Ghoul: Jack (Key Animation)
MusicmyuPhantom of the Idol
Animation ProductionA-RealMusasino!

To relax, try watching a fantasy comedy set in a slice of life format. You’ve got to wait for this one if you’re in search of anything that doesn’t adhere to a linear narrative or deal with heavy subjects. This autumn, look for the release of “Dekoboko Majo no Oyako Jijō”.

Dekoboko Majo no Oyako Jijō

The Family Circumstances of the Imbalanced Witch (Dekoboko Majo no Oyako Jijō) is the title of a manga series by Piroya. It was released in 2018 as a standalone issue, and it made its online debut on the Comic Meteor website in July of this year. It has so far been compiled into five separate books.

Alissa, a witch who is 200 years old or more, lives alone in the woods. The child she finds abandoned one day is the one she ultimately decides to adopt. She had no idea that in another sixteen years, the little girl would be a beautiful young lady who would appear to be older than she was.

This comedy sitcom flips the traditional parent-child dynamic on its head.