Am I Actually the Strongest? Launch Date, Plot Summary & New Anime Trailer

The title of the isekai “Am I Actually the Strongest?” can give away the story’s premise: a seemingly weak protagonist who turns out to be an absolute powerhouse, and maybe even the strongest person in the world.

But don’t believe it will be easy for him just because he has some impressive powers.

The introverted Haruto from “Am I Actually the Strongest?” gets reborn as a newborn. He has to deal with his demon pals, assassination plots, and a bothersome little sister all because he is an orphaned king.

Come with me, and I’ll fill you in on Haruto’s exciting adventures as he navigates this perilous new world. His armory of tremendous magical abilities guarantees an exciting journey.

1. Launch Date & Where to Watch

The story is being brought to life by the brilliant minds at Studio Staple Entertainment, with the guidance of their creative director, Takashi Naoya.

The long-awaited debut of the anime series “Am I Actually the Strongest?” has been set for July of 2023. ABC TV, TV Asahi, and 21 other networks will broadcast it.

And for all you foreign fans: we’re still keeping the streaming service a secret. All we can do is wait for the official word to arrive.

2. Animation Promo Shows Off New Characters

The teaser poster depicted the main character’s rebirth as a royal baby. The angel who reborn him gave him a special capacity to cheat. The king ordered the baby to be taken into custody, and the joyful atmosphere quickly became dark.

On May 15th, 2023, the first teaser for the anime series “Am I Actually the Strongest?” premiered. It provided a preview of the tale and introduced some of the new actors in the film version.

Side characters in Am I Actually the Strongest?
Side characters in Am I Actually the Strongest?

In the role of Liza, we have Wakana Kuramochi; in the role of Laius Orteas, we have Shinnosuke Tachibana; in the role of Marianne Orteas, we have Manaka Iwami; in the role of Irisfilia, we have Ami Koshimizu; and in the role of Tiarietta Ruseyanner, we have Misaki Kuno.

This all-star cast of voice actors has me over the moon. I can just picture the dynamic and skill they’ll bring to the roles.

3. Am I Actually the Strongest? Has a Captivating Storyline

In the beginning, Haruto is your usual recluse who refuses to interact with the rest of the world. In typical isekai fashion, a goddess enters and offers him a fresh start in a fantastical world replete with swords and magic.

“Am I Actually the Strongest?” has a cool premise: Haruto is reborn into a royal family. However, calm yourself, for these aristos aren’t convinced of our hero’s magical talents.

Baby Haruto in Am I Actually the Strongest?
Baby Haruto in Am I Actually the Strongest?

When they put him through a magic test, they are shocked to see that his magical might is only a feeble “02”. As a last resort, they decide to abandon Haruto in the woods, where he will likely be killed by various beasts.

Quickly, he builds barriers with his cheat powers and utilizes them to protect himself from a gigantic wolf. He begins to wonder if he isn’t the strongest guy in the area.

You’re in for a wild trip with this anime’s ferocious yet compassionate main character and lots of exciting action scenes.

4. Am I Actually the Strongest?

Am I Actually the Strongest? written by Sai Sumimori, and is a series of isekai novels. It debuted in 2018, and a manga adaptation followed.

The protagonist of the show is a recluse who is given a second chance. A miscommunication leads to his abandonment when he is reborn into a royal family.

When Hart first arrives in this perilous realm inhabited by magical monsters, he has no idea that he actually possesses a large amount of magical power.