Best-Selling Series “The Angel Next Door”

We’re halfway through 2023, and all of our favorite seasonal anime have concluded. Nonetheless, it’s always interesting to see what manga or light novel series are now popular in Japan.

When a popular manga or light novel series is adapted into an anime, it often increases the series’ fan base since viewers can’t wait to see what happens next. Manga and light novel sales typically increase dramatically after an anime adaptation.

Thank goodness! In the first half of 2023, Oricon, a Japanese corporation well-known for its sales statistics charts, announced their list of best-selling manga and light novels. And Saekisan’s ‘The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten’, which has sold a total of 389,315 hardcover copies in Japan, is the one light novel series that is dominating.

The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten (TV Series 2023)
The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten (TV Series 2023)

The Angel Next Door Spoils Me The Rotten Light Novel series premiered on June 19, 2019, with the first volume issued on January 14, 2023; the eighth volume was released on January 13, 2023; the series is currently on hiatus.

The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten is the most popular light book series, although there are many others that are close behind.

TitleAuthor Sales
SuzumeMakoto Shinkai369,925
Novel Blue Lock Tatakai no Mae, Bokura waMuneyuki/Momo Moegi213,779
Alya Sometimes Hides Her Feelings in RussianSunsunsun204,770
Classroom of the Elite: Year  2Syougo183,668
The Apothecary DiariesNatsu Hyuga163,677
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?Fujino Omori163,538

Among the other best-selling light book series in Japan are That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Hoshi no Kirby, and Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill.

So, pop some corn, get some reading material, and settle back for a marathon session. It only takes a few clicks to go to your next favorite anime or manga/light novel from the numerous available.

The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten

In the light novel series The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten (Otonari no Tenshi-sama ni Itsu no Ma ni ka Dame Ningen ni Sareteita Ken), Saekisan and Hanekoto take turns writing and drawing the accompanying manga. Online publication on Shsetsuka ni Nara began in December 2018; SB Creative took over in June 2019.

Amane Fujimiya and Mahiru Shiina, who grew up next door to one another in high school, have a charming love story. Even though Fujimiya is a typical student and Mahiru is the school’s angel, they end up being inseparable.