Ao Ashi Chapter 319: How A Coach Is Made! Release Date And Story

To get to the senior team, Ashito is moving forward. This can appear to be a development. But given the team’s current situation, supporters are unsure if Ashito will make the roster. Fans are eager to learn what the mangaka has in store for them. Here is everything you need to know about the plot and publication date of Ao Ashi Chapter 319.

Fans will gain access to Fukuda’s thoughts and the circumstances that prompted him to become a coach rather than a player as the manga briefly diverts from the senior practice arc. So continue reading to learn more!

Ao AshiWhat Will Take Place Next In Ao Ashi Chapter 319?

The chapter’s title has not yet been released. The segment featuring Fukuda’s flashback will, however, go on. As he makes the crucial decision to become a coach, fans will gain insight into his inner motives and thoughts. Fans will also be able to witness how his early life influenced his later decisions. Many people are puzzled by Coach Fukuda’s selection of Ashito, an amateur player, for his team. But as the flashbacks make clear, Fukuda’s method of coaching is founded on a strong conviction.

Anyone has the capacity to develop into a great player given the proper instruction and chance. Fans will witness Ashito battling to establish himself and secure a spot among the top players as the focus of the story changes to the senior team’s practice arc. But there are challenges along the way to success. And when the manga dives further into Coach Fukuda’s past, viewers will need to be patient. The events as they develop will show just how devoted and passionate Coach is about the game. and how that affects the athletes that play under his direction.

Ao AshiA Brief Recap

Ao Ashi Chapter 318’s subtitle read “Pulpo a la plancha con Crema de Patata.” Fukuda and his sister Hana were eager to experience the local cuisine before Hana left for her studies overseas, so they traveled to a renowned restaurant as the sun sank over the crowded streets of Spain. Hana couldn’t help but be transported back to her hometown with each taste as they sat and enjoyed their supper. For Fukuda, though, the “Pulpo a la plancha with Crema de Patata” brought back a lot of memories of his time playing football for Spain. He experienced sudden flashbacks of his early days with the squad. He recalled the disapproval he received when he first joined.

How the team’s defeat was finally attributed to him after his teammates refused to pass him the ball. But as he sat there and saw the young child playing football on the sidewalk, he experienced a fresh sense of resolve. The villagers had been hostile to Fukuda, calling him a “salary thief,” and they wanted him to go back to Japan. But as he demonstrated basic football skills to the youngster, he noticed a change in the kid’s viewpoint. Suddenly, he was no longer perceived by the locals as an outsider but rather as a fellow game enthusiast. This tiny gesture of compassion served as a reminder to Fukuda that despite his difficulties, he had the ability to alter perceptions and have a positive influence on the neighborhood.

Ao AshiRelease Date For Chapter 319 Of Ao Ashi

This week the mangaka is taking a break. New chapters, though, will be released soon. On January 24, 2023, Ao Ashi Chapter 319 is scheduled to release.