One Piece Chapter 1073: The Most Likely Theories (Predictions)

We return to MADS for another cover story. The three of them, Caesar, the Judge, and the Queen, concocted a lethal weapon using a devil fruit. Exactly what kind of weapon was that? Does this look like a Stussy knockoff to you? Possible reveal in One Piece 1073.

There are a lot of fan theories and predictions floating around the One Piece subreddit, and today we’ll go through some of the most plausible ones.

There will be no delay in the release of One Piece 1073 spoilers, so let’s read some fan speculations in the meantime.

What is Bonney up to?

The last episode ended with Bonney hot on the trail of Vegapunk in an attempt to extract the necessary information. After hurting herself, she reverts to her toddler form in this chapter and begins to wail. The worried Vegapunk rushes to the scene.

But it turned out to be a trap. Bonney regresses to his old self and starts attacking him. As the scientist collapses from exhaustion, Bonney transforms him into a younger version of himself. She claims that Vegapunk will eventually revert, but that finding out the truth about her father is more pressing for the moment.

One Piece Chapter 1073

In this matter, Vegapunk is quite hesitant. He claims that Kuma transformed himself because he wanted to. However, Vegapunk can’t tell Bonney the real reason since it’s a secret. She doesn’t believe him and she continues on pushing him. In One Piece Chapter 1073, we shall learn more.

What is Kuma’s big secret?

A scene in which Kuma scales the Red Line wall is depicted. His goal is to reach the pinnacle of his field. Fans speculate that Kuma may target Egghead. People may safely go to the air and land because to his talent.

The wall just served as an impediment and Kuma simply slammed into it. In spite of this, he is determined to see Egghead. The events of One Piece episode 1073 will reveal his ultimate fate.

So, he needs to avoid being killed by hostile fire. There is a great possibility that he will be apprehended once more.

Vegapunk, meanwhile, maintains that Kuma forced him to swear off telling his daughter the truth because she would be in danger if he did. Finally, Bonney forces his way inside the chamber containing Kuma’s recollections.

To what extent did Kuma and Vegapunk clash?

Vegapunk has previously communicated with Kuma. A study found that people lose 21 grams of weight upon passing away, he stated. That’s how much we may assume the soul weighs.

Because of his skill, Kuma can send and receive nerve impulses wirelessly. He gives form to concepts that otherwise could remain abstract.

One Piece Chapter 1073Even though Kuma’s initial reaction was skepticism, he ended up fulfilling Vegapunk’s request to materialize their shared experiences. Indeed, Bonney has finally located it. What Bonney takes away from this is what we’ll explore in One Piece Chapter 1073. We are almost there in terms of understanding what Kuma is all about.

The Strawhats are up to what?

This close to CP-0. Both Zoro and Brook are present, but they must fight against seven foes. Vegapunk has lost control of the Seraphim. But if he can get closer, he’ll be able to reclaim command. Sanji and Lilith go to help Zoro.

Zoro fights the now-awake Kaku and easily drives him back. The Seraphim, however, have been given orders to entirely eliminate the laboratory. At Chapter 1073 of One Piece, we’ll see how things are going in the lab.

What is Stussy up to?

Stussy approaches Kaku as he struggles to stand up. Kaku gets bitten by her, and to everyone’s amazement, he instantly passes out. She claims she will soon put Lucci to sleep as well. The truth about this CP-0 agent has now been revealed.

To far, Stussy is the only successful clone of MADS. She is an exact replica of the Rocks pirate Buckingham Stussy.

One Piece Chapter 1073

It turns out that Vegapunk’s recent interaction with a mysterious comrade named Stussy has given the Strawhats even another ally. The outcome of her next action will be revealed in One Piece Chapter 1073.

Considering this new information, one can speculate that Buckingham Stussy is Weevil’s mother. It’s not impossible by any means. Readers eagerly await the next installment to find out how Vegapunk gets out of this jam.

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