Arnheid’s Sad Farewell in Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 20!

Vinland Saga
Vinland Saga

The most recent installment of Vinland Saga was also the most emotionally impactful in the medium’s history. Subtle touches were abundant, and the entire season’s worth of material seemed to be condensed into this one episode.

Arnheid dies as her journey comes to a close. It was heartbreaking, but executed well. The battle between Ketil and Canute, who both had several chances to win, appears to be over as well.

The producers of this show deserve all the praise in the world. It’s time to go into the specifics of this episode!

One of the season’s bloodiest conflicts is depicted in episode 20 of Vinland. The mood abruptly changes when Arnheid dies after saying her farewells. Thorfinn’s resolve to locate Vinland is strengthened by the current circumstances.

Thorgil’s Shock Attacks Don’t Work!

The Jomsvikings charge full speed forward and destroy Ketil’s troops. When Fox realizes how much these Jomsvikings adore fighting, he becomes completely despondent. He fears this may happen.

Meanwhile, Ketil’s helmet is sent flying as he is struck by an axe. Wulf observes this and informs Canute that he believes Ketil was slain in the attack. Wulf was about to stay, but Canute reminded him in no uncertain terms that he was to bring Ketil in alive.

As Wulf leaves, Thorgil sneaks up from behind and easily dispatches the two soldiers protecting Canute. He uses the same technique to try to murder Canute, but the King is able to defend himself.

Wulf comes back and hurts Thorgil again, but this time he escapes by the skin of his teeth. Canute gives the order to ignore Thorgil. Snake, realizing that Ketil is still alive, chooses him because, in Snake’s opinion, Ketil should accept responsibility as the commander of the losing side and that death would be a convenient escape.

Farewell, Arnheid!

Arnheid returns from what could be a portal to the afterlife in the final episode to say her final goodbyes to Einar and Thorfinn. She briefly regains consciousness.

She claims to hear the “world falling apart” and wonders whether there’s a war taking place nearby. It’s not their battle, Einar assures them, and they’re headed to a more peaceful and secure location.

But Arnheid informs him she is leaving and that Gardar and the kids are waiting for her somewhere else. She came back to say goodbye to Einar and Thorfinn and express her appreciation for everything they’ve done for her.

Arnheid informs Einar and Thorfinn that her life as a slave was filled with isolation and misery. After the two arrived, though, she started looking forward to their early conversations. Einar begs her to stay for the sake of her kid, and he does so with tears in his eyes.

Arnheid tells him that her unborn kid and all of her loved ones have already departed away. She exclaims, “I just don’t see the point in living,” and then she suffocates.

Her departure was one of the most touching moments in the series as a whole. It wasn’t flashy or over the top in any way. The screenplay for this moment is outstanding, as it successfully conveys every possible feeling.

Thorfinn’s Vinland Discovery Confirmed!

Einar seems to attempt everything to bring Arnheid back to life after she dies, but Thorfinn tells him to stop because Arnheid died peacefully. He comforts her in his arms and shares stories of Vinland.

Thorfinn assures her she could have lived happily there, as the area is fertile and there is no sign of violence. Simultaneously, Snake appears, carrying Ketil on his back. Because of this, Einar becomes enraged and prepares to kill Ketil.

Thorfinn, though, punches him to make him stop and think. He begs him not to share the same curse, and Einar appears to relax a little bit as a result.

Thorfinn’s conviction to locate Vinland appears to have been strengthened as a result of this ordeal. He boasts to Leif about how his family has a long history of fleeing from conflict. The war being yet over, he too makes up his mind to go face Canute.

He hopes to forestall any further loss of life. Until then, we can only watch and see what happens. However, Thorfinn appears to have accepted the necessity of resorting to violence in certain circumstances. Thorfinn will likely strike a middle ground between violence and nonviolence in upcoming episodes.

That was the most emotionally taxing episode by far, full of crucial choices for the characters. From the script to the score, this was one of the most aesthetically pleasing episodes.

Vinland Saga

Japanese author and artist Makoto Yukimura created the Vinland Saga manga series. Kodansha, a monthly manga magazine focused towards young adult men, publishes the series. There are currently 26 tankbon collections available.

In the ancient Viking saga Vinland Saga, Thorfinn’s life goes off the rails after his famous retired warrior father, Thors, is killed on a journey.

When Thorfinn’s father is murdered, he finds himself under the control of his sworn adversary; he plans to exact revenge on his assailant when he is older and more powerful. The journey of Thorfinn Karlsefni to find Vinland serves as inspiration for this anime.