Artist Rui Araizumi Defends his Original Art as AI Accusations Pile up

Rui Araizumi is best known as the artist of the most prominent manga ‘Slayers’ from the 1990s, and the visual style has retained a retro-like beauty throughout the years.

However, their newly released work has a more crisp, modern drawing and coloring style, which has caused some people to question whether the art is AI-generated.

Earlier this month at Comiket 102, Slayers, artist Rui Araizumi presented a new art book, including fanart from ONIMAI: I’m Now Your Sister! and Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury. Almost immediately, Twitter users accused him of using AI to generate the final photograph in the book.

The cover of the doujinshi I’m drawing properly I’ll post a video that’s easy to understand by separating the layers from the rough sketch. You can see the layer structure Hazukashii

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Not replying to accusations directly, Araizumi lightheartedly posted a series of screenshots in which the process of the creation of their illustrations can be seen, as well as videos.

Design of fan and clear file bag. It’s embarrassing to separate layers from the rough, but I’ll show it in the video.

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In the provided video, Araizumi justified themselves by posting videos and images of their work files, which show the process and various layers of the artwork.  

It can be seen how the polished illustration was created step by step, with even individual shadows on the character’s hair and similar being placed on separate layers.

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After the artist proved that they had not used AI to make their artwork, many of the people making the allegations turned silent, with only a few apologizing.

Here’s a screenshot tooFrom the rough to the line drawing Coloring and changing the color of the line drawing are easy to understand with this.

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When advised to file defamation charges, Araizumi mentioned that they had recorded some of the particularly ill-intentioned posts made by users.

As AI art gets more popular, “AI Hunting” against artists is becoming more common, and the allegations against Rui Araizumi demonstrate that even well-known illustrators with a long track record in the industry can fall victim.

About The Slayers

Slayers is a light novel by Hajime Kanzaka that was serialized through Dragon Magazine in 1989.

The series follows the story of a young sorceress named Lina Inverse. Together with her friends, Lina uses their magical powers and exceptional swordsmanship skills to battle demons and wizards who wish their world to crumble and fall apart.

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