Attack On Titan Final Season Part 3: Trailer Out! Publication Date & Plot

Do you know Part 3 of the final season of Attack on Titan has been released? Okay, let’s get this straight. The premiere date of the last season has been announced by the production company. Yes, this is exactly what the supporters have been waiting for. Fans who have been watching the anime nonstop since 2013 want to know how the main character will ultimately prevail against the antagonists. What if, however, we told you that the “end arc” has a surprise in store? Indeed! Obviously, the situation is both terrifying and exciting. Be prepared. If you want to learn more, read on!

Japan’s dark anime Attack on Titan is adapted on Hajime Isayama’s manga of the same name. Since its release in 2013, the anime has been met with significant critical praise and a substantial worldwide fan following. Fans and critics alike have lauded the series for its innovative storyline, exciting action scenes, high-quality animation, compelling characters, and convincing acting. Finally, we may return to the last arc. Let’s watch the events unfold and see what happens.

Attack On Titan Final Season Part 3

Attack On Titan Final Season Part 3: Public Announcement

It’s high time we dove into one of the most talked-about anime’s “Final Arc.” The first trailer for Attack on Titan: Season 3: Endgame was released recently on the official Twitter account for the anime franchise. Additionally, the studio has revealed the last season’s official release date. Unfortunately, it appears that viewers of the anime will have to wait a bit longer to taste what’s in the oven. This is due to the final season being split into two cour. The first part will be out shortly, but when the second part will be is still up in the air. Watch the teaser below here:

Attack On Titan Final Season Part 3: What Happens Next?

There has been some speculation that the anime’s final season may include an unique finale that has nothing to do with the manga. The trailer gives away a lot of the story’s last act’s surprises. It’s a radical departure from anything viewers have seen this season. The teaser footage suggests that Titans will breach the wall, despite previous measures to prevent this.

But the protagonist put in a lot of effort to teach humans how to cope with Titans, so how is this even possible? But it appears that Eren will play a villainous role in the narrative. Now that he knows about Titan’s abilities and their backstory, he can better understand how these massive creatures came to be. So now he has sworn to wipe out all of humanity along with his enemies. It will be exciting to see what happens in the third installment.

Attack On Titan Final Season Part 3

Attack On Titan Final Season Part 3: What Is The Point?

According to the official summary, the last races of mankind were forced to take refuge behind the massive walls of a city many years in the past. As man-eating Titans prowl the outskirts of the walled city, the inhabitants have a means of escape. Scouting Legion heroes, however, dared to take on only the titanic foe. They protect the walls from harm. However, those fighters seldom made it home alive. The survivors are now faced with the unthinkable decision of being eaten alive or dying.

Attack On Titan Final Season Part 3

Attack On Titan Final Season Part 3: Publication Date

The release date of Attack on Titan Season Finale Part 3 has been removed from the official Twitter page. The air date is 3-4-2023 at 12:25 AM JST. Season one will premiere in March 2023, while season two has yet to be announced. However, the production company promised that it will debut in 2023. You may watch it on Crunchyroll or NHK General. We plan to make changes to this soon.