Autumn Brings New City Hunter Movie. Film’s Teaser, Name, and Cast Members Shown!

Detective Ryo Saeba is prepared to take on another day of combating crime, battling villains, and coming up short in the dating department. Last year, the tagline for the upcoming 2023 City Hunter film was “The Last Chapter Starts.”

The waiting is over, as further details about the film have been revealed by the staff.

The City Hunter movie’s first trailer was posted on Wednesday to the film’s official Twitter account. City Hunter the Movie: Angel Dust is the working title, and it will have its Japanese debut in the fall.

The teaser plays a snippet of “Go Crazy” by TM Network, which was also used as the final theme for the original anime. Kaori uses a hammer with the date “2023t” on it to beat Ryo. Ryo engages in combat with a mysterious masked opponent. The final message reads, “The struggle to end the past starts.”

Connections to Ryo’s history and the death of his comrade Hideyuki Makimura are planned for City Hunter the Movie: Angel Dust. This film marks the beginning of the series’ final chapter, as the poster has once again revealed.

The film’s animation will be handled by Sunrise and The Answer Studio Co. Ltd, and Kenji Kodama will helm the project. The movie’s scriptwriter is Yasuyuki Muto.

City Hunter the Movie: Angel Dust
City Hunter the Movie: Angel Dust

Celebrating 35 years of television anime, this film also features a number of series regulars. Ryo Saeba (Akira Kamiya), Kaori Makimura (Kazue Ikura), Saeko Nogami (Harumi Ichiryusai), Umibozu (Tessho Genda), and Miki (Mami Koyama).

If all goes well, the team will shortly reveal the precise date of release. Because it hints towards the end of the story’s climax, we know there will be at least one more film in the future.

City Hunter the Movie: Angel Dust

Based on the popular manga series by Tsukasa Hojo, City Hunter the Movie: Angel Dust (Gekijōban City Hunter: Tenshi no Namida) is an anime film. An adaptation of the manga’s last chapter, this film will also mark the 35th anniversary of the anime’s original broadcast. .

The plot will involve Ryo’s former business partner, Hideyuki Makimura, who has recently passed away.