What Causes Naruto to Lose Kurama?

Losing Kurama has undoubtedly shaken the basis of Naruto’s universe, as he has been on Naruto’s side throughout the whole series.

Many of you are probably asking why this had to occur. We don’t know why Naruto had to say goodbye to his best friend.

The Baryon Mode was their final resort against Isshiki, but Kurama lied to Naruto and convinced him that they would both die if they used it. Kurama’s death was the price of this all-or-nothing strategy, which Naruto would never have sanctioned.


Let’s go deep into this emotional roller coaster and see if we can’t process this tragic turn of events together.

BEWARE OF SPOILERS! This article contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Future Generations (anime and manga).

How Does Kurama Pass Away?

Throughout the Kawaki Arc, the fight against Isshiki was incredibly tense. Having knocked down Sasuke, Isshiki used massive black crystals to block Naruto’s senses.

Kurama and Naruto’s life were in jeopardy, but he came up with a plan to save them.

As per Kurama’s plan, Naruto adopted the incredibly powerful Baryon mode. At first, Naruto had no trouble kicking Isshiki in the butt, but eventually, the stress of the mode began to drain his vitality.

Naruto defeating Isshiki
Naruto defeating Isshiki

Even though Kurama tried to warn him, they had to put the pressure on Isshiki until he died.

They were able to vanquish Isshiki in the end, but it was not without considerable sacrifice. Ultimately, Kurama had to bid farewell to Naruto, admitting that it was he who had gambled away his own life.

Kurama and Naruto
Kurama and Naruto

Before to his death, Kurama forewarned Naruto that he would no longer have access to Kurama’s chakra or skills.

Will Kurama Resurrect?

We’ve watched Naruto mature with Kurama, and his loss has hurt us deeply as devoted fans. I think it’s safe to say that we’d all like to see Kurama return in some capacity.

As far as we know, Kurama will not be returning from the dead in the program. There are rumors he will return, but we need more information before making any decisions.

Speculations –

I. Naruto May Have Kurama’s Genes

As Kushina was pregnant with Naruto, she also served as Kurama’s jinchuriki, therefore it’s possible that Naruto and Kurama’s genes mixed.

Kushina with Naruto
Kushina with Naruto

There were originally three whisker markings on Naruto’s face, but his offspring, Boruto and Himawari, have just two. This may indicate that Kurama has been eliminated from their ancestry by a single generation. So, it is possible that Kurama’s chakra still exists within them after his death.

II. Kurama’s Chakra Resurrects Itself

As kurama is made completely of chakra, the spirit of a tailed beast that has passed away will live on in some other form so long as some of its chakra remains on Earth.

If Kinkaku and Ginkaku were ever liberated from the Kohaku no Johei, Kurama’s chakra that already existing on Earth would provide him with a new home to reconstruct.

Kinkaku and Ginkaku
Kinkaku and Ginkaku

Unfortunately, the evidence for this viewpoint is weak.

III. Momoshiki’s Extraction May Have Left Some Signs

Considering that Momoshiki should have received half of Kurama’s chakra after capturing Naruto and extracting it, he should have been in a stronger position to defeat Naruto and the other four Kage in Boruto.


The chakra should have dispersed once Momoshiki died, making him into a fake half-jinchuriki. Because we saw on the episode that half of Kurama was liberated from the Gedo Statue, this makes us wonder if there is still someplace out there where half of Kurama’s chakra remains trapped.

While it made the decision to return, the other half of Kurama’s chakra was never seen again by Naruto.

IV. Making a New Kurama

Others believe that by absorbing the energy of the existing ten tails, Naruto might reach the next level of Six Paths, awakening a Rinnegan and channeling the chakra of the ten tails into a new Kurama using the technique of Creation of All Things.

Young Kurama
Young Kurama

In doing so, a new Kurama would be born, rather than the original being restored.

As Naruto can give the new Kurama the memories and personality of the old Kurama using Creation of All Things, the two Kuramas will be indistinguishable from one another.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Mikio Ikemoto pens and draws Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, under Masashi Kishimoto’s watchful eye. In the month of June 2016, it began serialization in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump.

The adventures of Naruto’s son, Boruto, during his time at the school and beyond are chronicled in the series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

Boruto’s growth as a person is chronicled, along with the threat that evil poses to him and his loved ones.