Best Heteromorphs In My Hero Academia

Here is everything you need to know about the best heteromorphs in My Hero Academia.


Godzillo seems like he should be one of the most substantial Quirk users in My Hero Academia, but his appearance is contained to a fairly silly visual gag in the first My Hero Academia feature film, Two Heroes. During Midoriya and Melissa Shield’s exploration of I-Island, they encounter Godzillo, an enormous hero who started in Japan before receiving a more international reputation.

Godzillo’s appropriately named Toho Quirk means that he must always stay in this gigantic Kaiju state rather than it being a transformation that he can trigger at will. It’s even implied that Godzillo is actually the “actor” who’s portrayed Godzilla in dozens of feature films.

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Manga Fukidashi

Manga Fukidashi

My Hero Academia is no stranger to tongue-in-cheek comedy and Manga “Comicman” Fukidashi is easily one of the sillier heteromorph heroes to come out of the series. Cutting his teeth as one of U.A. High’s trusted Class 1-B pupils, Fukidashi’s Comic Quirk allows him to essentially generate weaponized thought bubbles, like the ones seen in comics and manga.

These attacks are quite surreal to witness and Fukidashi’s appearance is equally unnerving. Fukidashi’s body is largely human, but his head is a perpetual thought bubble that’s tethered to his neck.

Fumikage TokoyamiFumikage Tokoyami

Fumikage Tokoyami has stood out since his first appearance in U.A. High’s Class 1-A and he’s only matured into a stronger hero. Now operating with the intense title of Jet-Black Hero: Tsukuyomi. Tokoyami is on the fast track to Pro status.

Tokoyami can manipulate his living shadow to dominate in either close-range or spread-out conflicts. Many of Tokoyami’s opponents are transfixed on his Dark Shadow rather than the hero that’s behind it. It’s a jarring look, but one that Tokoyami’s 1-A classmates quickly look past.

Kamui WoodsKamui Woods

Shinji Nishiya’s Arbor Quirk is an incredibly advantageous power that’s helped him climb the ranks of the Pro Hero Society. Under the name, Kamui Woods, Nishiya uses his Arbor Quirk to extend his wooden body parts.

This power makes Kamui Woods quite versatile, whether he’s in charge of apprehending a suspect or blocking an exit. Kamui Woods’ strength is never in question and the nature of his Quirk shouldn’t come as a surprise He practically looks like My Hero Academia’s version of Groot. Nishiya is human, but he frequently looks like he’s more tree than man.

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Gang OrcaGang Orca

Kugo Sakamata is a Pro Hero who’s learned to make the most out of his severe Orcinus Quirk. Operating under the name Gang Orca, Sakamata is an extremely reliable hero whether he’s on land or in his natural aquatic environment.

Gang Orca is practically unstoppable when he’s in water. But serious strength, endurance, and supersonic skills give him a healthy edge on land, too. The appearance of a killer whale isn’t exactly subtle, but Gang Orca finds a way to make it work.