Most Underwhelming Hero Quirks In My Hero Academia

Here is everything you need to know about the most underwhelming hero Quirks in My Hero Academia.

Mushroom: Kinoko KomoriMushroom: Kinoko Komori

Kinoko’s Mushroom lets her spawn and spread fungus spores from her body. These spores grow into full mushrooms and can sprout on seemingly any surface, including someone’s body. While this is a decent Quirk, it has one major drawback — the spores target people indiscriminately.

This means that when Kinoko works with other people, she has to make sure that her allies have been treated with an antifungal treatment beforehand. This could be difficult in real-world hero work, as there isn’t always time to treat allies.

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Tail: Mashirao OjiroTail: Mashirao Ojiro

Tail is the mutant Quirk that belongs to Ojiro of Class 1-A. The tail is exactly what it sounds like a long tail that functions as a third limb. It’s strong enough to break through many materials and has also been used to capture enemies.

It’s a flexible and durable third limb, but that’s about it. Most of Ojiro’s functionality as a hero comes from his background in martial arts more than his Quirk. While Ojiro’s tail definitely has its uses, they aren’t as spectacular as many of the other hero Quirks.

Sugar Rush: Rikido SatoSugar Rush: Rikido Sato

Sato’s Sugar Rush is a strength-enhancing Quirk, which should be suitable for a hero. However, his Quirk’s drawbacks and activation triggers quickly turn it into one of the worst Quirks in MHA. Sugar Rush gives Sato five times his strength for three minutes, for every 10 grams of sugar he consumes.

This means he must constantly be consuming sugar on the battlefield in order to keep his strength, which wouldn’t be easy to do while also fighting a villain. Plus, Sato’s Quirk usage causes him to suffer from hypoglycemia, which lowers his cognitive functions, intelligence, and, ultimately, energy.

Gyrate: Sen KaibaraGyrate: Sen Kaibara

Gyrate, the Quirk used by Sen, allows him to rapidly rotate any part of his body at high speeds, creating a similar effect to a drill. This Quirk is rather dangerous, even for a hero. While it does enhance Sen’s combat skills and turn him into a fearsome fighter, he’s perhaps too fearsome.

Sen’s Quirk could easily cut off someone’s limb by accident, making it very risky to use in civilian-packed areas. The Hero Public Safety Commission typically doesn’t want to cause more damage than necessary, and severing a limb seems like the start of a lawsuit.

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Permeation: Mirio Togata
Permeation: Mirio Togata

Mirio Togata’s Permeation is arguably one of the worst Quirks in MHA, except this doesn’t apply to him. In simple terms, anyone other than Mirio would find this ability extremely hard or even impossible to wield. Permeation is not only difficult to maneuver, but it can also kill its users.

In fact, becoming intangible means that even air won’t be able to enter the lungs. Mirio manages to bypass Quirk’s drawbacks through sheer willpower and continuous hard work. That said, it’s a terrible Quirk for reckless or impatient fighters.