BLACK BUTLER: Public School Arc premiered finally

The much-anticipated fourth season of Black Butler has finally returned with its Public-School Arc, creating excitement and joy for all the fans waiting years for it. The episode, as expected, received many comments, and a lot of praise, but a lot of confused and surprised thoughts over Sebastian’s new design.

According to the releases in Japan, the season is reported to have 11 episodes in total. The first episode of the season premiered on April 13th, 2024.

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The opening, “Fanatic Parade – The Parade of Battlers” by Otoha, and the ending, “Shokuzai” by SID, have been released on the official Aniplex channel, gathering close to 80 thousand, and 72 thousand views each, in under 24 hours. Both songs are met with nothing but positive reviews from the fans.

Kenjiro Okada directs the studio CloverWorks’ production of Black Butler – Public School Arc. Hiroyuki Yoshino is the head writer, Yumi Shimizu creates the character designs, and Ryo Kawasaki composes the music. A1 Pictures reportedly no longer handling the production of the Black Butler anime series.

The new anime continues the story from where the previous TV series and feature films of the Black Butler franchise ended.


Black Butler – Public School Arc is now streaming exclusively with Crunchyroll, and if you are yet to catch up on the last three seasons and the movie, you can do it on Crunchyroll itself!

Aniplex has teased the fans with what to expect with the new season, “Butler Sebastian Michaelis works with his 13-year-old master, the earl Ciel Phantomhive, to do the dirty work of ‘the Queen’s guard do’ in nineteenth-century England’s underworld. One day, Ciel receives a letter from Queen Victoria telling him that several students at Weston College, one of England’s top public schools, have seemingly disappeared, including her cousin’s son Derrick Arden. And so, Sebastian and Ciel infiltrate Weston College to get to the bottom of the matter. What truly happened to these students?”

With the praise of Black Butler – Public School Arc’s episode one, the season is gearing up for the top place for the best spring anime of 2024.