Black Clover Chapter 351: Raw Scans, Spoilers, Release Date

Asta will use his newfound abilities to confront the five-headed dragon in Black Clover Chapter 351. He is determined to avenge Sister Lily’s death at Lucius’ hands. Manga is taking a week off this week, but hopefully that just means more exciting things are coming in the following chapter.

After having her powers severed by Asta in the previous chapter, we saw that Lily, Lily’s sister, was plummeting to the ground. Then she apologized for the wrongs she had committed against Asta, to which he replied that they were of no consequence. As we learn more about Sister Lily’s background, we learn that her decision to become a nun was motivated by her desire to see all people treated fairly.

Black Clover Chapter 351
Black Clover Chapter 351

Though she prayed for many years, nothing altered in the church either. Because of her desire to help others, Sister Lily made the decision to work with children at the orphanage. Next, Ryu showed up in the present and told Lily that Asta is much more powerful now. She rescued him then, and Asta will come to her rescue now.

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After that, Lily informed them that Lucius is making his way from country to country, and that it is only a matter of time before he reaches the land of the sun, where he plans to seize control of all the magic there is. She went on to express regret for carrying out Lucius’ instructions and apologized once more for her actions.

She continued by expressing her sorrow for having joined Lucius in bringing the five-headed dragon to the land of the rising sun. Asta then comforted her by telling her that she shouldn’t feel sorry for them or blame herself for actions she hadn’t voluntarily taken but felt she had no choice but to take.

Sister Lily thanked Asta for his encouragement, and then she fainted. When asked how to get her to wake up, Ryu said he had to defeat Lucius. Asta has promised to rescue Sister Lily and defeat Lucius. The five-headed dragon appeared behind Asta, and he vowed to destroy it.

Black Clover Chapter 351: Release Date

The mangaka behind Black Clover 351 is taking some time off to plot out the story’s future and spice things up a bit. On Sunday, February 19, 2023, in the next issue of Weekly shonen jump, the next chapter is set to be released. The customary time for the release of raw scans and spoilers will hold (Wednesday).

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Black clover 351 Release Date19th February 2023
Black clover 351 Raw Scans and Spoilers release15th February 2023

Black Clover Chapter 351: Raw scans

Chapter 351 of the Black Clover Since the Black Clover manga is on a planned break this week, the raw scans will come out on Wednesday, February 15, at the usual time. We’ll write a new article as soon as we know anything about the next chapter of Black Clover.

Black Clover Chapter 351: Spoilers

Spoilers for Black Clover 348 are set to come out on February 15, 2023, along with the raw scans. The leaks won’t happen for a week because the author is taking a break. So, we’ll see you next time with more exciting Black Clover information.

Black Clover Manga Chapter 351: Where and How to Read

There are two official ways to read Black Clover 351. You can check out the most recent chapter on the Manga Plus app and website, or visit the official website of Viz media, an official partner of Shonen Jump for English subs.

Some of these sites offer sample chapters for free, but if you want to read the whole manga you’ll need to sign up for a membership or pay a subscription fee. For additional information and updates, join us on Facebook.